October 20, 2020

Localmla.com: Bridging gap between Rajasthan Government and Citizens

Mohit Jain

Representatives of people play a pivotal role in a democracy. Apart from contributing in development activities, they also contribute in the formulation of policies and laws. In such backdrop, the job of people’s’ representatives have become very important. People always keep an eye upon the works of their representatives. They want that people elected by them should work for the welfare of the citizens.
Today’s age belongs to science and information technology. This website ‘localmla.com’ has been started with the goal of contributing in the process of development and social change by inspiring people to adopt the latest technology. With the world looking forward towards Information Technology in every aspect of their lives, it is important for the government too to reach people where people are most likely to interact with them. This holistic step in bridging the gap between the representatives and the citizens will help people to grow tighter and citizen votes and opinion will play a pivotal role in the forming of the laws and also for the government, now the government can serve the citizens much faster.

The motive of forming ‘localmla.com’ is to simplify the governance of the state government. This website has been created to work as bridge between elected representatives and the common man including the party workers. With the help of this website, party workers as well as the common man would get to know about the daylong programs and activities of their MLA. Policies of the government, plans and decisions relating to public welfare would also be circulated to the people through localmla.com so that the common man could get benefitted from the government initiatives. The website will act as one door to all the latest and the upcoming developments in the Rajasthan Government. All the latest news and the government plans will be posted at the web portal.
Why localmla.com? The information technology has taken over the world. The fast moving world has fast moving needs. The web portals are the fast delivering sources of news and when it comes to governance it’s a vital step that is happening now.

The localmla.com has received many appreciations and acknowledgments from Political as well as other non- Political dignitaries like Hon’ CM, Mrs. Vasundhara Raje and Former CM, Mr. Ashok Gehlot. In appreciation to the work of ‘localmla.com’ Raje said, “The development works and the welfare plans are directly related to the common people. Until and unless people are not aware of the government welfare policies, no citizen can completely be benefitted with those plans. I hope and wish people will use ‘localmla.com’ to know about the development policies and plans and be benefitted by them. Best wishes to ‘localmla.com’.

In the first phase, we have resolved to make public the welfare activities and initiatives of the MLAs of the state of Rajasthan. Later, we have plans to add the detail of other states as well.
We would sincerely try to make this website useful for the elected representatives of the people, party workers and the common man. Your valuable suggestions are welcomed to make this website more useful and better.