Listicle – Gen Z and gadgets – An unbreakable bond

Gen Z are digital natives who are born with technology in their palm. Gen Z has never known a world without smartphones or social media. For them, smartphone and its accessories are of utmost importance as there is no survival with these important gadgets. There are some basic yet important mobile accessories that a Gen Z cannot afford to miss out.

1.Pocket size Power bank: As Gen Z interact more through digital platforms than in real life, draining of mobile phone battery is usually the most common problem for them. This is something that becomes an issue in continuing conversations and staying connected. To get rid of this problem, Gen Z can choose to buy a powerful yet funky looking power bank. This will allow them to get battery charging option whenever required. All a Gen Z needs is a slim power bank that can slip into their pocket or bag. SYSKA brings you 8000mAh Power Wallet 80 as an ideal and affordable Power bank. Power Wallet 80 Power bank is available at Rs. 2,499/- and across all leading e-commerce platforms.

2. Portable Wireless speaker: Music is life itself. What would this world be without good music? No matter what kind it is. And who knows this better than the Gen Z who love music little too much. When listening to music, Gen Z will need to choose the right speaker in order to enjoy the experience along with the advantage of ease of handling. Therefore, Gen Z can buy a perfect portable wireless speaker which will allow them the freedom of music listening. Portable speaker can be easily carried without any problem which means that music does not have any limitation anymore! PTron Sonor Mini Bluetooth Speaker is portable and is deceptively loud for its size. PTron Sonor speaker can be used to enjoy loud, clear music on your device anytime anywhere. The product is available on for INR 899/-

Image result for Sennheiser CX 275 S in -Ear Universal Mobile Headphone with Mic

3. Handy Earplugs: The easiest way to enjoy music or manage convenient conversations is through earplugs. Earplugs can be carried in a pocket which means that the music will be with you even when you are traveling and will allow you to hear your favorite music anytime and anywhere. Tuned for music addicts with adjustable ear hook for secure fit this lightweight Sennheiser CX 275 S is the best gift for a music lover. The product is designed especially for smartphone compatibility. Gen Z will definitely love this product as it will not just improve their overall device using experience but also improve convenience level of the gadget use. The product is priced at – INR 1724/-
4. Fitness band: Gen Z are becoming increasingly conscious about their health and fitness. From step counting to sleeping a fitness tracker can act as a partner for them all the time. Everyone today is becoming fitness conscious and aims to lead a healthy lifestyle. Lenovo HW02 Plus Fitness band, is Stylish yet affordable fitness tracker. It comes with a heart rate monitor and sports a 0.42-inch OLED touch panel. Lenovo has also added ‘PAI’ feature that basically gives you personalized insights of how much exercise your body needs on a daily basis to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The product is priced at INR 2,299/-

5. Personalized Mobile cases: Gen Z loves their mobiles too much and they practically can’t survive without them in today’s world. Gen Z want something that is personalized for them and a product like a personalized mobile is something that Gen Z should look at investing in to flaunt their style quotient.
6. Pop Socket: From using different filters on Snapchat or Instagram for selfies or shooting a video for musically, getting a proper grip to hold the mobile phone is something that every Gen Z needs in today’s time. Gone are the days of using selfie sticks, all you need is a funky looking pop socket to click a perfect selfie.