March 8, 2021

LinkedIn has released new apps for Android and iOS platforms

LinkedIn redesigns Android and iOS apps for ‘brand new mobile experience’


The professional network has released new apps for Android and iPhone that have been revamped for improved discovery and user-engagement, as well as greater personalization.

LinkedIn has released new apps for Android and iOS platforms, hoping to provide a ‘brand new mobile phone experience’, one that has supposedly been completely redesigned with the ‘general professional’ and ‘everyday use case’ in mind.

In its blog post explaining the new app experience, LinkedIn speaks of how its mobile audience has evolved in the last year, spanning a wide spectrum across the globe, and with requirements beyond the ‘traditional 9-to-5.’

The new LinkedIn apps are meant to improve discovery and interaction with the stream of ‘rich professional insights’ shared on the network. In essence, the new apps have a tailored news, share and update stream as the centrepiece, with an engaging and visual layout that features likes and comments to help ‘join the conversation’.

LinkedIn has also allowed for greater personalization of the apps, with a new navigation page, with customizable shortcuts. According to the company, 64% of the professional network’s members are located outside the United States, and in an effort to cater to a more global audience, has expanded its language offerings up to 15.

The LinkedIn mobile experience is scheduled to receive more updates through the year, especially on the search and personalization fronts.

You can check out a video below detailing some of the new features of the apps, and download the new apps from the Google Play store and Apple iTunes. If you’ve tried the new apps, do let us know what you think of them in the comments section below.

                                                  Source-Think Digit