Limelight Networks, Inc. , a leading provider of edge cloud services, today introduced Limelight Realtime Streaming, the industry’s first globally scalable, sub-second live video streaming solution that is natively supported by major browsers and devices. The new service also supports integrated realtime data, making it possible to create interactive live online experiences.

Based on data from Limelight’s State of Online Video 2017 Report, Indians are the highest consumers of online video globally, with an average viewing time of 7.12 hours per week. Furthermore, Indian viewers reportedly found video rebuffering and poor video quality their top two frustrations with online viewing.

Yet, streams of live events are still typically delayed from the broadcast feed by 30 seconds or more. This often results in poor viewing experiences, and, ultimately, causes loss of revenue, as a result of customer drop-outs.

Limelight Realtime Streaming eliminates these challenges by enabling organizations to stream live video from anywhere in the world to anywhere else in less than a second, providing online viewers with the same experience enjoyed by broadcast viewers. The solution leverages the industry-standard WebRTC video format and Limelight’s global edge network to deliver scalable, broadcast-quality, realtime video streaming that can be viewed in all major web browsers without the need for special software or plug-ins.

“ The ability to stream video with sub-second latency lets our customers enjoy the action as it happens, wherever they are, on enabled devices or platforms,” said Lukas Seiler, Managing Director Audiovisual at SportRadar, a leading global provider of sports data intelligence.

In addition to eliminating streaming latency, Limelight Realtime Streaming expands the business opportunities associated with existing and new live video applications in areas such as:

·Live sports and events. By making live viewing a more interactive social experience, broadcasters now have additional opportunities to monetize their live video content by offering value-added experiences that are not possible with traditional broadcast.

·Online Gaming. Realtime video streaming and interactive data functionality enables more immersive gaming experiences, and provides a platform for greater interaction with competitive, live events.

·Health and social care. Realtime video with embedded data enables timely interactions between professionals in time critical situations, allowing them to share updates and visual information across teams without relying on proprietary equipment, systems and formats.

·This has also extended to additional areas where milliseconds matter in video streaming applications, like transportation, emergency and security applications.

“While increasing digital adoption has opened up considerable opportunities for both global and regional content distributors in India, latency has remained a key challenge. We are delighted to make online viewing experiences more interactive through the delivery of sub-second latency live video, audio and data, globally, at scale,” said Jaheer Abbas, Senior Director, SEA & India at Limelight Networks. “With Limelight Realtime Streaming, we expect to see a new wave of immersive, low latency, and content-rich applications. We are confident that this development will be a crucial milestone for the global live video market.”

Limelight will be demonstrating its new Realtime Streaming solution and full video delivery services at IBC 2018 in Hall 5, Stand B.52, including new enhancements to its Multi-Device Media Delivery Live solution that simplify the process of recording live events for use as VOD assets.