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Limca Book of World Records 2015 recognises Konica Minolta

AEL Facade-Konica Minolta (2) (1)

Limca Book of Records recognises and certifies Konica Minolta for the largest media display created on glass facade ever. This has been done on Dhaula Kuan Metro station in New Delhi.

Konica Minolta marked its successful culmination of marketing campaign by gaining entry to the Limca Book of Records for the largest display on the glass facade. The display was installed byJC Decaux Advertising India Pvt. Ltd. on April 15, 2014 which measures 100.58m (330ft) wide and 12.8m (42ft) high.

AEL_Konica Minolta_Dhaula Kuan

Similar to the Guinness Book of World Records, the LimcaBook of Records emphasises the unique achievements of Indians at home and abroad.

“To be recognised by the Limca Book of Records is an honour. We at Konica Minolta believe in doing things differently and we strive to create new value for our users.”, says Mr. V. Balakrishnan Executive General Manager Konica Minolta India.

It is a huge and memorable moment for Konica Minolta to be part of this remarkable history that has been created.