lg-webos-tv-smart-tv-ces-635LG, continuing its announcement spree at CES 2014, has now revealed plans for upcoming Smart TVs based on the webOS platform.

The company has announced that its next-generation Smart TV lineup will be powered by the webOS platform. Further, the South Korean manufacturer revealed that 70 percent of company’s upcoming Smart TV line-up will be based on the webOS platform. However, the company has not detailed the specific availability details of these Smart TVs.

According to the Verge’s report, the latest webOS platform from LG is based on three features, namely simple connection, simple discovery and simple switching.

The LG simple connection feature will guide users to set up TV for the first time. During set-up, Bean Bird, an animated character will appear which will help users through various options. The second feature dubbed simple discovery will feature voice and gesture-based controls for users, while the simple switching feature will offer users various apps to choose from. As per the report, the simple switching feature would offer access to apps like Amazon Instant Video, CinemaNow, Hulu Plus, Netflix, Twitter, MLB.tv and Vudu.

It’s worth mentioning that LG acquired the webOS mobile operating system technology from Hewlett-Packard (HP) in February, 2013. The South Korean giant had also shared plans to use the webOS technology to enhance its Smart TV products, and range of other consumer electronics devices.

The webOS platform was initially developed by US smartphone manufacturer Palm, and was bought by HP in April 2010 for $1.2 billion.

Earlier on Monday, LG unveiled its Life Band Touch fitness wristband at CES 2014. The company did not reveal the pricing and availability details of the LG Life Band Touch.

Notably, the latest wearable from LG could sync with Android and iOS devices using Bluetooth 4.0, though the company did not detail whether the device can work with smartphones, tablets or both.

LG also revealed plans to expand its Ultra HD TV line-up and announced the premium UB9800 series 4K Ultra HD TVs at CES 204, consisting of 65-inch, 79-inch, 84-inch and 98-inch units. LG’s new Ultra HD TV models feature 3840×2160 pixels resolution and equip Ultra IPS panels.



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