Letv To Build A Full-Scale Sports Ecosystem In India

Letv, a multinational Internet and technology corporation, is expanding its reach to the Indian market letv_redwith the Letv Sports sub-ecosystem. Aiming to provide one-stop services for sports fans with its multi-dimensional business layout, Letv has one of the world’s largest event rights libraries with copyrights for more than 200 major league and other sporting events including Champions League, Formula One, Serie A, Tour de France, Wimbledon and European Football Championship, 70 percent of which are exclusive copyrights. The company has announced the acquisition of the exclusive broadcasting rights of English Premier League starting from 2016 in Hong Kong, leading the industry to the new era of “Wireless Premier League”.

The Letv Sports sub-ecosystem, along with the other six sub-ecosystems – Internet cloud and technology, mobile, content, big screen, automobile and Internet financing, is an integral and significant part of the entire Letv Ecosystem. Being user-centric, it is integrated and interwoven with the operation of sport events, content, Internet application service and smart software and hardware.
In its pursuit to reinforce the Sports Ecosystem, Letv is committed to introducing top-notch sporting events, conducting independent R&D as well as reforming sports broadcasting norms. In July of this year, the company adopted the International Championships Cup (ICC) and successfully managed the tournament.

At the same time, the company is wholeheartedly strengthening the development of its internet app services. It is building an industry-leading vertical sport e-commerce platform covering ticket sales, sport lotteries and sports games apps. In November last year, Letv online Sports Game platform was launched which offered fans around a thousand sports games apps, attracting tens of thousands of subscribers every day. The company is also sparing no effort in bringing its audience state-of-the-art sports devices such as the internet-based Super bike in August this year.

Letv, established in 2004 by Jia Yueting and Liu Hong, features a comprehensive, vertically integrated ecosystem including platforms, contents, applications and devices which deliver excellent experience through consistent innovation and creative market disruption, the company is looking to offer its Indian audience with world-class content and experience backed by cutting-edge technology and premium services. The corporation’s foray will surely benefit the rising sports industry in South Asian market.