Letv Becomes Sales Champion Again In China’s Mobile Phone Market

Letv’s Superphones grabbed two sales champions in letv_redNovember in China’s smart phone market, according to a latest report from Sino Market Research, a subsidiary of Germany Research Company GFK. Among the two championship phones, Le 1s was the sales champion for price range from 1,000 Yuan to 1499 Yuan (US$155-232), while Le Max was the champion for price over 3,000 Yuan (US$464).

The report said Le Superphones has the largest monthly sales increase, a 4.4%, among all other brands, like Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi and so on, and in November Le Superphones took a 7.1% market share, ranking No.5.

Considering Letv just released its first phone this May 19, it’s already a shocking achievement. The report mentioned that Le 1s, which was released on October 27th, was the sales champion for the price range 1,000 Yuan to 1,499 Yuan, with its high specs and unique UI and ecosystem. And Le Max became the sales champion again in its 3,000 Yuan plus price range in November, after it accomplished the same crown this July and August.

In November, Letv sold more than 1 million superphones, among which 780,000 went to Le 1S. Letv is the brand that was crowned the quickest for achieving a monthly 1 million unit sales in China, according to Sino Market Research.

Analyzing Letv’s competitors, Xiaomi has been consecutively losing its market share. In November, its market share in China was lowered a further 0.9%, and the same trend with Qiku, Oppo, and Lenovo.

Feng Xing, Le Holding’s senior Vice President & President of Le Mobile, said, “It’s a milestone for our ecosystem Superphones achieving a monthly sales of more than 1 million units. It means Eco phones is becoming a unique phone category. Our model of ‘selling at a price lower than its production cost and making profits through providing ecosystem services’ has been proven well-accepted by the audience.”

Letv is the pioneer for redefining smart phones with its ecosystems. It not only reshaped the industry’s definition to smart phones, but creates strong customer demands. It’s been like Feng Xing’s saying, “the time a Le Superphone was sold, the time for Letv providing the customer with a constant and in-depth eco-services. Letv sells products under their production cost, and makes profits through after-sales eco-services.”

On November 11th, China’s Double 11 shopping Spree, Letv sold 263,000 units of phones, and on December 12th, the Double 12th Spree, Letv sold 433,000 units of Superphones, making several sales champions in China by then.

In December, Letv just signed a sales contract with Thailand’s Winiptv, which will sell 1 million Le Superphones and half a million Le Super TVs in 2016.

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