Let employees work from home: Data Ingenious Global Ltd. to It’s employees amid Covid-19 pandemic

As the government adopts social distancing measures to contain the spread of coronavirus in India ,Data Ingenious Global Ltd. has issued a notification to it’s employees to work from home as coronavirus cases continue to grow.
In view of the COVID-19 and to avoid the impact of Corona Virus – they  are bringing the following changes and advisories.
  1. Work from Home :If your project leader and team members can work in isolation and it is possible to work from home effectively. Follow the followings.
  • Those who can work from home, will install Asset Logger for accurate working hours
  • Use Xgen Email app attendance module for marking attendance and end of day.
  • Use PMS login to report status of work as regularly reported during normal office.
  • As person is expected to be at home. Keep your location on of your phone for accurate location.
  • You can use Xgen Say to making calls or normal calls to your team mates.
  1. No biometric attendance:
  • Those who come to office should not use biometric attendance.
  • Use Xgen Email app attendance module for marking attendance and end of day.
  1. Update: Keep yourself and colleagues updated through Xgen IM – DIL TEAM group, which is open for anyone to post any message. Avoid forwards. This is just to update the self situation if any. All notification from HR will also be through Xgen IM – DIL Team group only.
  2. Travel: No AIR/TRAIN/BUS travel should be planned for business meetings or client visits. All travel must be put on hold. Take special approval from CEO for the same.
  3. Social Distance: Follow Social Distance i.e do not work in close proximity of anyone. Do not share food, cloths, vehicle etc. All social visits to friends / relatives must be avoided unless absolutely necessary.
  4. Health Checkup: Everyone who comes office will be subject to the following.
  • Temperature will be checked by laser based thermometer
  • Must sanitize hands
  • In case of slightest cough / tireness / sore throat, must report to HR and visit Doctor.
  1. Corona Test Positive : Urgently visit SMS hospital for further checking and protocol.
  • HR Department must be told about it to avoid further impact.
  • Ensure that you do not come office till doctor do not allow you to do so.
  • Let HR department know in case any help is required.
What can you do?
If you are looking for personalized guidance we suggest you to visit Doctor for health and lifestyle guidance.But there are some guidelines that you can follow in general.
  1. Don’t smoke: Smoking we know is injurious to health but more so for Covid. The ACE2 receptors are more expressed in smokers, and these are receptors for 2019-nCov, the virus.
  2. Maintain a healthy weight: Obesity has been linked to several diseases and is a risk factor for many conditions. While one diet doesn’t suit all, we all can try to not overeat and exercise. Understanding your genetic makeup may help guide you as well.
  3. Eat a colourful diet: A colourful diet, no not a rainbow cake but a diet full of vegetables and fruits gives you a lot of natural nutrients that help build your immune system naturally.
  4. Sleep is the best medicine: Good sleep or rest is essential for building your immune system. A lot of scientific evidence points to how sleep helps in improving your immune response if you do get infected. Sleep is something that you can do in your home, free and every day. Ideally, if you can afford to, 7-9 hours of sleep can equip you with much more immunity than other ways.
  5. Keep calm and carry on: Stress of any kind is related to a plethora of clinical conditions! Worry is definitely a gift that doesn’t appreciate loneliness. It comes free with several disorders and brews the possibility of more in the pipeline. When you stress that much, there is a strong possibility that you would have fawned the virus’s appetite to replicate. Remember the song “Don’t worry be happy”
  6. Exercise is therapy: You have already heard this in the past from many health pundits; today may be a good day to start. If heavy aerobic activity is not for you, walking and breathing (Pranayam ) can certainly help. Some breathing exercises could be as simple as deep breathing for 3-5 minutes with breathing in through your nose for a count of 5, holding it for a few seconds and breathing out through the mouth at a count of 5.
  7. Maintain Good Hygiene: If you are in India, you have most certainly heard the audio message by the Ministry of Health about maintaining good hygiene like washing your hands and covering your mouth while sneezing or coughing.
  8. Practice Social distancing: This may be a good time to finish writing that book or reading those hundreds of books that you bought but never read. Or perhaps go on an overdrive of Netflix. Avoid large gatherings and meetings. Remember sleep is important so make sure you get that while binge-watching. The Indian government has recently placed a lot of travel bans, in any case, making it easier to cancel conferences, meetings and more.
  9. Supplement your diet: Add Supplements like Zinc, Vitamin C, D and E especially if you have genetic predisposition to have low levels. Avoid overdosing especially with fat-soluble vitamins like A, D and E and K. Consult a medical doctor.
  10. Channelize your inner OCD: Routinely clean all frequently touched surfaces in the home and workplace such as counter tops, sinks, seating, workstations and doorknobs.
Remember, the virus travels without a passport or a visa. It is rather easy to get infected if you get in contact with someone already infected. With testing highly regulated and restricted in most countries, the best way is to not panic, make sure we can build our defense using these simple points and continue to live our lives.
Be careful
When sharing message with family friends on whatsapp or any other way. Please do some research on that for its correctness and authenticity? Do not become the victim of fake news.
If you or any one in family have symptoms of a corona virus which are mainly fever (The centers for disease control considers a person to have a fever when he or she has a measured temperature of at least 100.4 degree F[38 degree C]),cough, shortness of breath immediately reach.

NATIONAL HELP LINE NUMBERS : 1075/ 01123978046 or in Rajasthan Helpline:0141-2225624