Lepton Software Launches myCOVIDrisk to Combat COVID-19 Pandemic

Lepton Software, a global leader with 25 years of experience in providing location intelligence solutions, has launched myCOVIDrisk software and API using Google Maps Platform to help businesses understand the risks associated with their workforce, routes, and even assets in real-time. myCOVIDrisk identifies the zone (red, orange, green and containment zone) in which a particular address lies, and the locations of the hotspots in/around that area.  “One single positive COVID-19 case has the potential to close down your business. Therefore, in order to ensure business continuity, it is extremely important that companies clearly understand the risks associated with their employees and customers,” says Dr Rajeev Saraf, CEO, Lepton Software.  

myCOVIDrisk also tells the businesses about the activities allowed and the transportation modes allowed at any location within India. For example, FMCG companies can determine which shops can open and which cannot. Similarly, mobility and transportation companies like Ola and Uber can decide which markets are allowed to operate and whether they are allowed to have inter-district or inter-state movements. Eventually, it will help businesses to pinpoint the vulnerable locations across the country and map out their business continuity plan with minimal risk.

The usage of this software is not limited to a particular business model but can be used by various sectors across the Nation. For example, a company dealing with e-commerce or delivery services can easily identify a customer in a high-risk area and defer service to protect their employee, while the FMCG and retail companies can use myCOVIDrisk to locate the stores that can open and manage the supply chain accordingly. An IT Company can give priority to the safety of its employees, while BPOs/KPOs who provide transportation to their employees can view the hotspots across the routes and the pick-up points.

myCOVIDrisk is a dynamic, yet easy to use solution which has a variety of APIs to offer, such as getting risk status for a point/address or getting risk status for a route based on origin-destination or path polyline. It also supports bulk points and routes with file upload support and can also tile API to get map tiles for different risk zones across India. The software is also extremely useful for different functions within the organization. The human resource team can evaluate the risk level of employees and accordingly allow them to work from home or come to work, wherein the admin team can work out safe transportation routes for employees. On the other hand, the sales side can inform their customers about their open stores and the distribution side can identify high and low-risk areas for distribution and logistics. 

myCOVIDrisk by Lepton Software is a trusted partner for the enterprises to help them overcome the unprecedented pandemic by ensuring their Business Continuity as well as minimising the Risk.