Lenovo Witnesses Stunning Growth, Becomes The World’s No. 1 PC Supplier

imagesReaching a significant milestone, Lenovo, today, pipped HP to acquire the global No. 1 position in PC shipments, as per latest reports released by IDC and Gartner. IDC pegs the company’s global PC market share in 2Q 2013 to be at 16.7%, up from 15.0% in 2Q 2012, one year ago. Gartner stated Lenovo reached 16.7% share this quarter, up from 14.9% last quarter and the same 14.9% from 2Q 2012, one year ago Put together, this marks the first time that Lenovo has been the clear global leader in the PC segment according to both of these widely accepted reports.

The company expanded faster than the overall PC market for the 16th consecutive quarter, posting a 14-point growth premium in an industry that declined 13.3% year over year. It is now the market share leader in three of the seven largest PC markets – China, Japan and Germany – and reached double digit share in 39 countries.

Commenting on the development, Yang Yuanqing, Chairman & CEO, Lenovo, said, “This is just one milestone in a longer journey. PC leadership is strategically significant because it gives us the scale, brand presence and financial resources to aggressively attack the next frontier for growth – the “PC Plus” market, which includes tablets, smart phones, smart TVs and other “smart connected” devices. Already, we have made great strides in these areas – especially in China – the largest market in the world for PC+ products — where in less than 2 years we have become the number 2 smartphone and number 2 tablet company. Today, we are the number 3 “Smart Connected Device” maker in the world.

This is indeed a proud moment for all of us at Lenovo; we would like to thank our customers and partners for their patronage over the years to make this happen. India has always been a very significant market for Lenovo globally. Keeping in line with our Unstoppable India goal, we want to achieve sustainable leadership here. On the back of our Protect&Attack strategy, we believe that we have the right balance, the right products, and the right strategy to make this happen. We have been outpacing the industry for the last 14 consecutive quarters and going forward, not only will we sustain this momentum, but instead, will build it further to gain a leadership position in the PC Plus market.” said Amar Babu, Managing Director, Lenovo India.

Globally, Lenovo has accelerated its transformation to become a top competitor in the PC Plus era, capturing a 5.9 percent share of the global market for Smart Connected Devices and becoming the third largest supplier. 50% of the company’s revenues now come from hot growth segments such as smartphones and tablets.