September 21, 2020

Lenovo come out with a separate roadmap for online and offline channels

With a few states deciding on the purchase ban and other states threatening lenovo-logoto join in, Lenovo is one of the first companies to come out with a separate roadmap for online and offline channels as it looks to act on the unauthorized sellers offering products online.

In a response to a few associations’ request, has said that they will have different product for both the channels and is notable that Lenovo was one of the first vendors to act against some of the unauthorized online channels an year ago.

In a communication to the channels it said, “Based on the learning from markets like China, we have initiated driving products online which are different from what we are selling in the traditional channel. This would reduce the chances of channels’ conflict.”

The mail also said that the company was exploring the viability of a ‘Lenovo Authorized Online Partner Program,’ where select channel Partners of Lenovo would be authorized to supply to the online channel. Such partners alone would be eligible for rebates according to the terms of Lenovo Online Program.

Lenovo has also assured that the online players who they work with will be asked to discourage unauthorized resellers offering discounts on Lenovo products. Lenovo is likely to work with an external agency to find the the unauthorized sellers offering products online.

We have come across some partners, both at the distribution and retail level, who continue to offer Lenovo products to unauthorized resellers in the online channel thereby diluting the sanctity of its distribution channel. In a quality-driven market, brand image and goodwill are important concerns and sale of products emanating from unknown, unverified, unauthorized sources cannot be encouraged or allowed,it said.

The mail also added that, “You are required to seek specific authorization from Lenovo in case you wish to offer Lenovo products for sale through the online channel. In the coming months, we will continue to monitor the market in line with our stated policy of providing a level playing field for all Lenovo partners.”