“Lavna Smart Locks: Combining technology with experience”- Mr. Sanat Jain, co-founder of LAVNA Locks

"Lavna Smart Locks: Combining technology with experience"- Mr. Sanat Jain, co-founder of LAVNA Locks

Here’s the interview snippet from the interaction with Mr. Sanat Jain, co-founder of LAVNA Locks

Saumya: What high-end technical solutions does Lavna provide to its customers?

Sanat: In the market of smart security solutions, Lavna Locks provide the most innovative security solutions with cutting-edge technology. The advanced smart locks provide six-in-one unlocking features with smart access for doors with an unlocking time of under 0.5 seconds. In addition to this, customers can utilize the official mobile app to view the history of previous unlockings and OTP-based login in case of visitors waiting at the doorstep.

Saumya: How is Lavna different to and distinct from other similar brands?

Sanat: The distinctive characteristics that LAVNA LOCKS offers set them apart from potential competitors. The brand delivers its consumers the best services at a reasonable cost with a personalized shopping experience. Their Six unlocking alternatives include smart access through mobile apps, 100 fingerprint access where similar brands only offer 25-30 fingerprint options at once, Bluetooth unlocking via a mobile app, fingerprint sensor, passcode or PIN, RFID, and OTP unlocking, among the main features. The brand also offers day and timing data access—If an employee’s working hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., he can only access the main door during that time interval. If he tries to access the door using any of the alternatives provided, not only will the entry be denied. Their smart locks also provide a USB-C connector in case the charging mechanism breaks down.

Saumya: What are the marketing strategies followed by the LAVNA Locks?

Sanat: The smart device market is constantly evolving rapidly. Every organization is scrambling to adopt the most cutting-edge smart technology. By keeping this in mind, the brand formulates all the operations and campaigns via online marketing platforms such as social media platforms, Amazon, and the brand’s own website. Instead of focusing primarily on the household segment, Lavna is expanding into the commercial sector. Furthermore, because the majority of the company’s target audience is present on social media, the brand is concentrating on online marketing.

In addition, high-quality photography and graphic materials are created in order to advertise the products and engage more customers. The brand’s new products are being evaluated in perspective of identified market demands.

Saumya: What was the inspiration behind the inception of Lavna?

Sanat: Smart locking systems have shifted their focus to the Indian market and have evolved from a luxury to a necessity.

Lavna Locks was founded to offer hassle-free smart security solutions that guarantee effective security to the residential and commercial sectors.

Tech-savvy experts, Mr Sanat Jain and Mr Vishal Jain, the co-founders founded the company with extensive experience in the field of home security. The inspiration behind the company is to introduce digital locks in the market along with providing a high-quality security system.

Saumya: Being in the home security segment tells us about the company’s big projects.

Sanat: Only in one year of its inception, Lavna acquired a B2B customer base of 1,100 and a B2C customer base of 10,000 and bagged prominent clients including the Adani Group, AIIMS, AIR India (Mumbai), Krishi Bhawan, Golf Course (Noida), and so on.

Lavna has accomplished all of the Tier 1 cities and is currently working toward finishing all of the Tier 2 cities as well. Furthermore, The brand’s revenue is Rs 4 crore to date and plans to reach Rs 10 crore by the end of this fiscal year. The brand’s service network has expanded from one city to more than 25. The brand has set a goal to open about 80 virtual offices pan-India in the coming years to innovate the sector.

Saumya: What new features are you planning to add to your digital locks?

Sanat: In the near future, LAVNA plans to introduce unique, brand-new products by integrating all the customer demands for multiple product options with cutting-edge technology. Lavna Locks plans to unveil a new lock with a built-in video doorbell that will unlock the door using facial recognition technology.

Saumya: What are your thoughts on the market’s potential for growth in smart security solutions?

Sanat: Smart security solutions can make people feel safe and comfortable in their homes because regular locks are ineffective in the current elevated theft environment. Smart locks for households are an obvious fix because they’ll improve accessibility as well as security. The growth of digital locks is quite evident because you won’t need to carry keys (and in some cases a smartphone, too) it simply lets you unlock your door from anywhere and enables you to grant digital “keys” to friends, family, caregivers, or anyone else who frequently enters your house, also a smart lock with a keypad has made life simpler and safer for a family with children who do not have access to mobile devices.

Saumya: What is the company’s core vision, and what elements are to be considered for success?

Sanat: Lavna’s core objective is to bring innovation to the market, and it intends to do so soon by introducing brand-new, amazing products. The leadership team at Lavna Locks is diligently searching for new, 10X security focused solutions to make everything that is locked impenetrable. In order to achieve remarkable success, a brand needs meticulous planning, steadfast dedication, creative concepts, and obvious marketing strategies.

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