Launch of Smart24x7 Mobile Platform in Association with UP Fire Services


India has seen many tragic fire incidents that have claimed many innocent lives. Every minute there are incidents of fire which results in casualties’ losses in terms of lives & property. The main challenges in providing efficient service is absence of real time feedback to Fire control room during emergency  which only starts when any fire department reach the site.


To address such National Challenges, UP Fire Services, Noida (Meerut Range) in association with Smart24x7 Response Services Pvt. Ltd has launched Smart24x7 Mobile Safety Platform. Sh. Aman Sharma, Deputy Director, UP Fire Services, Meerut Range, graced the occasion by his presence on the launch event. Mr. Sharma stated, “It is a unique initiative which has been taken to simplify communication with click of a button when the users are in Fire Emergency. As it allows users to communicate with their near & dear ones as well as the Fire Department. The users are able to click the images which auto upload to fire control room.


According to Mr. Sharma, “The biggest challenge faced by Fire department is to gauge severity of crisis & category of fire which sometimes the department is not able to make it out from the phone calls. It’s only when they reach the site they are able to access the scope of engagement and they call Back up  fire trucks which takes 30-45 min. Throughout the process by the time the right kind of services get deployed there is already huge loss of life & property. Now with this Application we are able to address these challenges as we are getting the feedback directly from the site in real time in the form of images.


According to Mr. C.P. Singh, Founder Smart Group,” Launch of Smart24x7 Mobile platform will give an edge to the Fire department.  We help the service agencies like Fire, Police & Ambulance to save 10 good minutes of response time as location is immediately announced to the control room.


Globally this is the first time such kind of initiative has been launched.  It is beneficial for the FIRE Department as they can send right kind of deployment in least possible time. For example- If Fire is at the top floor they can send lift truck.

Going forward we will introduce Smart tablets in every Fire trucks which will help victim to track the exact location of fire trucks. This will help them to be more patient & they will be able to concentrate on other activities rather than just following up with Fire Department. Also, when people will get to know from which route fire truck is approaching towards the site they will be able to guide the fire trucks better towards the shortest possible route to reach fire destination. With use of Smart24x7 mobile application the response time of Fire Department will improve dramatically.


Smart24x7 Mobile Platform has been successfully integrated & is being used by the Gurgaon police, Jalandhar Police & Jammu Police. In the coming days ahead it will be launched in Kashmir, Lucknow, Bangalore, and many more cities.

We have received tremendous response from all across INDIA where more than 75,000 + people have downloaded and are using our application. With over 1200+ reviews & more than 80,000 supporters on Facebook who have liked our application and interact with us regularly. We feel proud that we have been accepted widely and people are believing us at such a level.


In last 4 month we have received Three fire alertsTwo alerts have been recently recorded from Madhya Pradesh in last 15 days. Smart24x7 Mobile Application has been able to help Users in real time FIRE INCIDENT scenarios who live in different parts of country like Assam, Madhya Pradesh. Even though we were not integrated in those regions for these services still we were able to help our user during   emergency. Now we are planning to go beyond further and integrate for PAN India Services.

About Smart24x7

Every citizen today is concerned about his safety. With increase in crime & violence in our everyday lives, Smart 24×7 Response Services Pvt. Ltd designed the safety mobile Application in the name of “Smart24x7 – Personal Safety App”. The unique feature about Smart24x7 Mobile safety App is that it helps victim to connect with his near & dear ones, Police/Fire/Ambulance services automatically whenever you find yourself in trouble or need to find help for someone around you.

It is a prominent approach towards strengthening existing protection levels. As smart phones today are integral parts of life. Hence, they are capable of aiding safety & security at home, at office and during in transit globally. 

Salient Feature:-

  • Panic Alerts will be sent to the loved ones whenever user presses PANIC Button during emergency.
  • If GPRS is not working alert will be generated via SMS.
  • You can get instant help from nearest Police, Hospitals, Fire.
  • You can add your Health Information which can be utilized during any medical Emergencies.
  • Our Application does voice recording, photographs during the panic Situation & transfers to the police.
  • New features- ‘On the way to Office/Home’ to inform your loved ones about your status.
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