Latest World Cup 2014 Google Doodle Features Animated Mexican Wave



After having created doodles for the opening four days of World Cup 2014 on a trot, Google has now celebrated the famous Mexican wave in its latest doodle. Google had first doodled the kick-off of the World Cup with an animated image of the city of Rio de Janerio.

The latest World Cup 2014 doodle shows a plethoric mix of colourful letters denoting the fans sitting in the stadium. The letters that make up Google are also seated amongst them. The letters then proceed to perform the Mexican wave. The letters are all animated with stick hands and legs. The Mexican wave begins from the left and ends towards the right.

The letter ‘L’ which is depicted as wearing a pair of glasses and reading a book is the one which misses out the wave completely and is the last one to stand up and sit down after the other letters have finished the wave. On clicking the image of the Google doodle, users are as before redirected to the World Cup 2014 search results, with the live score and schedule widget.

Google’s inspiration for Monday’s World Cup 2014 doodle, the wave, was first bought to the attention of the world during the Fifa World Cup in 1986, which was even eventually won by Argentina and was home to the infamous ‘Hand of God’ goal, and the famous ‘Goal of the Century’ goal by Argentine captain Diego Maradona.

The Mexican wave was called ‘La Ola’ (The Wave) by the spectators who were cheering match balls that were being thrown by the organisers into the crowd – a ruse to placate the anxious spectators who were waiting for the players to return on the pitch. Google has been putting up new World Cup 2014 doodles every day since the sporting extravaganza kicked-off last week.

Another Google World Cup 2014 doodle, scheduled on the second day of the event, had marked the beginning of the game with the ‘tree person’ holding the green and gold ball and jumping up and down, while the ‘e’ furiously beat on a drum.

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