Latest SMPS from Asiapower



 Product: SMPS-AP500A and SMSPS- AP600A

   Price: SMPS-AP500A- Rs999                               SMPS-AP600A is priced at Rs 1999.

Availability: ex-stock

Warranty: 3 years

Asia Powercom in India is poised to present new product models with better performance, meeting worldwide standard at competitive cost, faster than its competitors.Asiapowercom has taken its policy of “Quality First, Customer First” forward by launching latest SMPS-AsiaPower SMPS-AP500A and SMPS-AP600A.

AsiaPower SMPS-AP500A and SMPS-AP600A are designed to create less noise and ripple; provides protection against overload/ over voltage.


 SMPS-AP500A comes enabled with 80 mm cooling fan while SMPS -AP600A has inbuilt 120mm cooling fan.

These PSUs include real-time monitoring of temperature and power efficiency. With 80mm fan and sleeved wires, the SMPS delivers excellent airflow to the environment while running silently and effectively.

Technical specification

Compatible to Intel & AMD Compatible to Intel & AMD
Efficiency > 80% Efficiency > 80%
Low noise and ripple Low noise and ripple
Over voltage & overload protection Over voltage & overload protection
Over temperature & short circuit protections Over temperature & short circuit protections
Sleeved wires Sleeved wires
80 mm cooling fan 120 mm cooling fan
  6 pin PCI connector
  Best suitable for servers

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