Large and Highly-Regulated Enterprises Must Adopt Mobile File Sharing Solutions Without Compromising Data Security

Security concerns with public cloud services impact implementation practices in compliance-focused enterprises

Dynamic file sharing across multiple platforms is becoming the new normal in workplaces across all industries, creating an urgent need for large and unnamedhighly-regulated enterprises to implement electronic file sharing solutions (EFSS) that do not compromise data security. A new Hanover Research study explored how companies are adapting to this business need by achieving productivity and security throughout the enterprise file sharing and management process. The research serves as a warning to companies that have historically avoided the adoption of practices that might jeopardize organizational control of sensitive data, as the most dangerous decision these enterprises can make is to do nothing.

Global demand for EFSS is expanding rapidly, as demonstrated by the industry’s 400%+ growth since 2010. In a market overcrowded with vendors, enterprise IT leaders must identify solutions that support mobile data sharing while avoiding security lapses, illicit access, exposed files, service outages, and other risks commonly associated with employee use of public cloud solutions. In interviews with senior IT executives and industry experts, Hanover Research found an emerging consensus around the new capabilities that organizations require to meet emerging data security challenges.

  • Security and Compliance – Enterprise CIOs and CISOs are expected to protect vital information assets from internal and external threats; however, most file sync and share solutions do not meet the compliance and security requirements of highly-regulated enterprises.
  •  Risk Mitigation – Highly-regulated industries are looking for on-site EFSS solutions over cloud-based platforms. IT leaders prefer to keep data on their own servers and ultimately seek file sharing and management solutions that will help them comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Mobility – Companies are beginning to look at mobile-centric EFSS solutions, but security concerns remain a significant counterweight to overshadow mobile features. While mobility is not a key driver for purchasing decisions, the proliferation of consumer mobility, media tablets, and bring your own device programs in the enterprise space is increasing adoption of EFSS solutions.
  • Integration – The ability to integrate EFSS solutions with current enterprise software and programs is deemed relatively unimportant when compared with security requirements.

This report was commissioned by Novell, Inc. and Attachmate Corporation in the fall of 2014. The study includes an evaluation of the global file sharing market and presents an analysis of highly-regulated enterprises’ requirements for electronic file sharing solutions based on original interviews conducted with knowledgeable industry sources. Read the full report:

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