Radix Yellow Colour logoRadix concluded sunrise for the first batch of its extensions – .website, .press and .host last week. .website alone saw more than 600 orders, making it one of the biggest new gTLD sunrises to date. These TLDs enter Landrush today & Radix plans to take these a notch above with Landrush 2.0. – an affordable, risk free landrush that offers high-quality names.

Landrush 2.0 aims to reduce the price gap between landrush and general availability, with an eye towards increasing participation in the phase, which lasts only through Sept. 15. The Radix Landrush is supported across leading registrars such as GoDaddy, Hexonet, Domain.com, Name.com, Key-Systems, ResellerClub. Radix itself has also set up a dedicated microsite at http://www.RadixRegistry.com/Landrush to highlight potential big-interest domains. Premium domains set aside by Radix for an annual fee are also available during this phase.

Radix’s unique landrush offers two key features: a much smaller premium to jump the GA queue, and a fully refundable fee – if you don’t get the domain, you don’t pay.

“This innovative new approach to landrush delivers increased value both to registrars and domain buyers,” said Sandeep Ramchandani, Radix business head. “Landrush 2.0 is a result of working closely with our channel partners to zero in on a landrush plan that’ll draw maximum participation.” This plan includes marketing the landrush directly to individual customers and working closely with registrars to convert them, Ramchandani said.

All three extensions become available to the general public on a first-come, first-served basis beginning Sept. 17, 2014 making landrush a small but competitive window to lock down big-interest domains. All competing applications go to auction and unique applications will be allotted at the end of the phase.

Find out more at http://radixregistry.com/landrush/, and be sure to get in touch with your nearest Radix channel partner to find out how you could be featured as one of the landrush registrars.

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