VingaJoy Bounce series has created a buzz because of its ergonomic design so that the consumers do not face any tangling issues and it provides massive hours of playtime – Lalit Arora, VingaJoy, Full Interview

Lalit Arora, Co-Founder of VingaJoy

Lalit Arora, Co-Founder of VingaJoy

Incorporated in the year 2016, VINGAJOY, headquartered in New Delhi, is India’s leading Gadget Accessory & Consumer Electronics brand that caters to the need of the customer with the latest innovations and cutting-edge technology at competitive prices. The brand offers products such as Bluetooth Speakers & Headphones, Chargers, Cables, Car Accessories, Care Products, and much more. VINGAJOY was launched with the aim of providing new innovations & latest technology at competitive rates and trendy styles to consumers of every sector, vertical, and society.

Lalit Arora is the Co-Founder of VingaJoy. He was in conversation with Team IT-Voice recently where he answered questions related to the organization and the subject domain.

Prateek: Tell us about the vision behind VingaJoy?

Lalit Arora: Vingajoy has always been a consumer-centric brand and our core value has been to provide quality products. Our vision is to become the Numero Uno brand in the Indian market by being unique, sharing knowledge through continuous improvement driven by the creativity of our people in the evolution of mobile accessories.

Prateek: How has been the growth especially during the last year during the pandemic?

Lalit Arora: More than a year now in the pandemic, it has been very challenging for the business entities across the country and industries as it is affected, everyone. The tech industry has been undertaking efforts to offer top-quality products to support its customers in these challenging times. We at VingaJoy, a consumer-focused brand offering a wide range of audio products to consumers have prioritized quality to match expectations. It is needless to mention the past few months have been tough for businesses across all sectors as the effect of the pandemic had led to volatility in the market. As consumers started avoiding stepping out of their homes, online buying has witnessed massive growth. Mostly every sector in our economy is struggling with this pandemic but there are areas where we all have seen a surge in demand for products. People have shown major interest in buying portable Bluetooth speakers, home theatre systems, and bookshelf speakers. These home audio speakers are also used at public places like movie theatres, public announcement speakers, car speakers, party halls, and other speakers used at various public places.

Prateek: The Bounce Series has been creating a buzz in the gadgets market. Please tell us more about the series.

Lalit Arora: Nowadays neckbands are one of the most popular and high in demand products. VingaJoy Bounce series has created a buzz because of its ergonomic design so that the consumers do not face any tangling issues and it provides massive hours of playtime. Our target audience, especially the youth is preferring and relying more and more on neckbands with magnetic earbuds and high backup.

Prateek: What will be your marketing strategy in the competitive Indian market?

Lalit Arora: VingaJoy is a brand mainly for the masses and we are mainly focusing on our distribution strategy with more than 100+ distributors across India.

Prateek: Which product or product segment brings the most traction for VingaJoy?

Lalit Arora: The Indian market has always created opportunities for us and thus is of been of utmost importance for us.  We at VingaJoy, aim to provide world-class products to our consumers. From our experience, we have noticed that variety is what attracts Indian consumers along with style and unique features.  Our focus is primarily on the research that goes behind to fulfill the demand and strategize to deliver the best-in-class products. As consumers are diversifying towards new-age brands and are open to experimenting with our new products, we have an array of opportunities in front of us. The response we have received for our products is quite encouraging. To our surprise, few remote cities and towns have turned to be favorable markets for us. The wide number of distributors and variety of products are the major contributors to this diversity.

Prateek: Are there any exciting products ready for launch in the coming months?

Lalit Arora: Yes, We are planning to launch more and more youth-centric products.

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