Lalani Hosts city’s maiden Professional Gaming Competition-Game-o-Thon

lalani28-6-13Around 400 gamers, 5 top-of-the-line Games, three days of high adrenalin online competition. All this at the Lalani e-Tech City the venue for the city’s first ever online gaming competition that has like the pied piper lured the tech-savvy youth to this gaming den of Kolkata for the next three days.

Conceived by Umang Lalani, Director of Lalani Infotech, the competition christened Game-o-Thon 2013 is the first edition of what will be an annual gaming competition that Kolkata can now boast of like other metro cities. Lalani e-Tech City , one of India’s Largest IT and Electronic store, is happy to create another watershed in the e-zone of Kolkata by bringing the virtual gamers of the city under one roof to fight it out on different platforms like PC gaming, Play station and Kinnect to emerge as the winner of “Game-o-Thon”. The best of the industry, AMD & Logitech have joined hands with Lalani e-Tech City to create this event, which will showcase the latest in Gaming Arena every year and encourage youngsters to take up gaming also as a profession.

 “This was the first year and we were not sure of the response. But once the news was out we had so many people coming to enroll that we had to increase the competition from a two day affair to three days. We have some of the best professional gamers of the country from Kolkata and they will all be here over the next three days,” Umang said.

‘’Since there were no big tournament in Kolkata, this is the beginning of new era of e-sports. Few days ago BYOC was hosted in Delhi and gamers from all over the country attended. But many from Kolkata couldn’t attend because of financial problems. We hope Game-o-thon grows every year because in itself is a very niche genre,” said a spokes-person of clan Generation X Gamers.

 “Modern day games demand an explosion in multimedia requirements calling for newer applications, and a fresh approach to manage and manipulate the data. Hence, the ability to facilitate a quality gaming experience is the true test of machines performance. AMD has always been highly appreciated by gaming community due to unlocked & over-clock able products & world leading graphic cards product line. We enjoy a head-start over competition in the graphics business with a market share of about 50% in discrete graphics alone, and now with the spate of high-performance APUs, we are confident of consolidating our position as ‘a gamers device’,” said Ajay Koul, Country Head-Channel Business, AMD India.

“Any gamer will tell you the importance of a millisecond and of customizable controls. The smallest of details can make the biggest of difference to any gaming event and Logitech understands this well. Logitech’s new G series, comprising of keyboards, mice and mouse-keyboard combo will entice any gamer with features like extra customizable buttons, backlighting and even a separate LCD screen on the keyboard. While the overriding principal has been to add science to gaming peripherals to make them more feature-rich, Logitech has also ensured that the G-series products are extremely convenient for gamers. The G-series is specifically designed for gaming enthusiasts who require precise, consistent tracking along with high speed and ease of use performance. The gaming peripheral promises a power-packed gaming performance and is reflective of Logitech’s passion for science, in addition to the firm’s dedication to the PC gaming segment,” said, Partha Ghosh, Regional Manager – East India, Logitech.

“I never knew such a huge gaming community existed in this city, the enthusiasm and the zeal that is present in the gamer community of Kolkata encouraged us to come out with an annual event, Game-o-Thon to celebrate gaming, the idea is to show them that even a career can be made out of gaming and inform them about the huge innovations that are happening in this domain every day,” Umang added.

“Call of Duty 4 is the most successful multiplayer game in India. Lalani e-tech city is launching game-o-thon which is a huge platform for gamers like us. We are thankful to them for organizing such an amazing event. Gaming is very popular in Kolkata but lot of talented players don’t get chance to show their talent in gaming because they don’t get the platform in Kolkata,” a spokesperson of gaming clan Headhunters said.