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Konica Minolta Produces Tactile Effects for Locally-Authored and Produced Book

KonicaLeader in print and enterprise content management Konica Minolta Business Solutions Asia (BSA), is supporting the production of the special edition of the locally-authored book titled “History of Singapore — Islands and Islanders”.
A range of pages from the book features modern printing techniques that adds a textured coating to images, creating a more enriching reading experience. It is achieved through Konica Minolta’s JETVARNISH 3DS UV spot varnish device that turns printed jobs into a sensory encounter.
“We have seen a rise in the number of publishers and marketers applying textured finishes to their works”, said Jonathan Yeo, General Manager, Konica Minolta BSA. “Hence, our print partners are looking for new and efficient solutions to enhance their print jobs and provide more value-added services to their customers.”
Documenting Singapore’s Island History with Lifelike Prints
Printed in a standard A4 edition and A3 Premium Edition, the book, written and produced by Captain Frederick James Francis, provides a seafarer’s perspective on his discovery of Singapore’s rich marine coral and marine life. It also aims to provide insights into the Republic’s maritime past and progression over the years.
“The spot UV technology has allowed us to achieve high quality tactile effects that would not have been possible through any other printing technology”, said Captain Frederick. “It enhances what the book has set out to do — enabling readers to view the hidden beauty of our colourful corals and marine life, especially around the islands that are not accessible to the public.”
In April 2016, Konica Minolta, Inc. announced an additional 30.5% stake in MGI, increasing Konica Minolta stake to 40.5%. With the strategic alliance with MGI, Konica Minolta added JETvarnish 3DS and iFOIL to its broad portfolio of digital print to provide value-added and innovative solutions. The MGI JETVARNISH 3DS is an accurate and fast production printer that turns regular prints into visually impactful jobs. It can varnish up to 100 microns for 3D raised effects and tactile finishes for more vivid and sensory communication.
The device is also equipped with iFOIL S technology which enables print producers to perform hot foil stamping in-house. Through an innovative digital process, films and dies are eliminated, enabling users to produce hot foil stamping and embossing jobs from one to thousands of sheets with little set-up.
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