Konica Minolta Joins Thought Leaders At CIO Summit Malaysia 2016

Leader in print and enterprise content management Konica_MinoltaKonica Minolta Business Solutions Asia (BSA) kicked off its sponsorship for the CIO Summit series in Malaysia.

Held at The Connexion Conference & Event Centre (CCEC) @ The Vertical (V E Hotel & Residence), Kuala Lumpur, the annual conference provides thought provoking and actionable insights to CIOs and Senior IT executives through a mix of presentations and case studies. In addition, technology heads across Asia will discuss the latest global trends, learn about the ICT best practices, and get involved in general discussions with counterparts and peers during the dedicated networking breaks.

Konica Minolta was one of the top technology and business solutions companies to host an Enterprise Networking Table. Lee Soon Hoe, Business Development Manager, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Malaysia hosted round-robin discussions on the theme of Services and Outsourcing for IT Operations and Analytics (ITOA). ITOA allows companies to visualise, analyse and make fact-based decisions on the print and IT environment.

As digital transformation takes place, CIOs face new challenges on managing the exponential growth of content and effective utilisation of information. As a leader in this field, participants were given a presentation of Konica Minolta’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution, which enables businesses to minimise risks, provide a total visibility of the process, documents and information while reducing costs. The solution also helps to capture, manage, process, distribute and centralise important business content in a secure location without compromising compliance. It boosts productivity while encouraging collaboration among users and allows easy sharing of information. In addition, other solutions such as Stealth are on showcase at the conference.

On top of the solutions, Konica Minolta BSA has also recently launched Dispatcher Phoenix. The award-winning automated document workflow solution assists users with customised workflows and common document processing tasks to improve productivity and efficiency. It gives businesses the ability to harness information more effectively and enhance their workflow.