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Konica Minolta Introducing the new bizhub i-Series. Simple. Secure. Smarter

The Covid-19 crisis has emerged as the black swan event of the 21st century, leaving the work cultures across organizations the world over in a shambles. Against this backdrop, new-age professionals are using the digital ecosystem to bypass the geographical constraints of the lockdown as they scramble to meet their daily deliverables from the safe confines of their homes. It is here that Konica Minolta’s innovative range of digital Multifunctional printers under the New bizhub i Series enters the picture to provide quarantined professionals with smarter and safer office printing and workflow management solutions.

The New bizhub i Series comprises multi-functional printers in the colour and monochrome categories. The former range includes bizhub C250i, bizhub C300i, bizhub C360i, and bizhub C450i colour printers. On the other hand, bizhub 226i, bizhub 266i, bizhub 306i, bizhub 225i & bizhub 205i constitute the monochrome line up.

These solutions not only empower modern workplaces to print remotely but also to seamlessly digitize documents and streamline the workflow. In this way, the KM range of digital MFPs can lend a competitive edge to organizations over their peers by enabling them to maintain business continuity in keeping with the social distancing protocols. The following some of the key features enabled by the KM products:

As the normalization of disease-curbing social distancing codes has demonstrated, the minimization of one’s physical contact environment will continue to be the priority for individuals across the globe. In the face of this transformative effect of the pandemic across the global business ecosystem, KM solutions reduce contact with common touchpoints such as computer screens that can act like potential Covid-19 vectors. Instead, MFPs under the New bizhub i Series enable individuals to conduct printing operations remotely using their personal mobile devices.

Besides enforcing the social distancing-compliant precautionary measures at the workplace, organizations also need to actively spread awareness to tackle Covid-19. Banners comprise one of the effective awareness-building tools that can be employed at offices now that the work is resuming slowly. Once the economic ball starts rolling again and business functions across sectors regain their momentum, offices will be required to issue circulars, notices for precautions, advisory, etc. for not just the workforce but visitors as well. And KM MFPs are well-equipped to meet this demand.

In sync with the idea of minimizing the physical contact environment, the biometric-based systems will now be replaced by contactless alternatives. The use of IC card authentication (employee ID card) feature comprises one such solution to the problem at hand. The MFPs under the New bizhub i Series come equipped with this feature. All a user needs to do is, wave their ID card over a card reader on the machine to print, thereby forgoing the need to touch the MFP Screen.

Besides being compatible with social distancing codes, the IC card authentication also facilitates robust cyber security measures in an increasingly sophisticated threat landscape. Since only the authorized users can print or scan using IC card authentication, this feature ensures sensitive documents and business-critical information do not fall into the wrong hands.

In this manner, Konica Minolta underlines its commitment to providing a smart, safe, and secure digital printing experience to new-age offices across India. At the same time, the innovative solutions under the New bizhub i Series further consolidate the company’s position as a domain leader in the country’s office printing landscape.