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Kioxia Seeking Permission from the US to Supply Memory Chip to Huawei

The Japanese multinational computer memory manufacturer, Kioxia Holdings has asked for the permission of the United States to let the company supply the memory chip to Huawei. If the approval is confirmed then other technology-related such as Intel Corporation will receive licenses from the authorities of the United States.

As the trade war is going between the US and China, the United States’ capital has been forcing governments all around to remove Huawei because as per the US government the telecommunication giant, Huawei is trying to transfer information to the government of China for spying purposes.


Image from Huawei

Huawei is one of the leading clients for buying image sensors from Sony for selling it in smartphones. While Kioxia Holdings is the world’s No. 2 flash memory chip maker & supplier of Huawei of its smartphones.

As per some reports, Sony and Kioxia will face risk if the United States doesn’t pass or give licenses to trade it in the country.

Kioxia has also warned that Unites States’ curbs on Huawei can trigger an oversupply of a memory chip and it can induce a reduction in prices.

A spokesperson from the Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation has said that Sony was in agreement with all the rules and regulations but the company cannot comment on some specific clients.