February 28, 2021

Kingston is set to launch their new marketing campaign

Kingston is set to launch their new marketing campaign, which will redefine the way the Indian market views technology. This year Kingston’s new branding and communication campaign will be one that will strike a deep emotional chord with consumers. The new communication will reflect an idea that seems so simple yet it is also one that touches our lives in a deep way.images

The concept at the heart of Kingston’s new brand campaign is keeping memories alive. This idea of course stems from the fact that Kingston is a global memory and storage leader. It gives to a technology brand like Kingston a deep human and emotional connection. The memories referred to in its brand campaign are childhood memories making the emotional connect even sweeter. The new Kingston campaign will kick off in May and will be seen in-shop, outdoor and also on social media and digital platforms.

This campaign goes well beyond Kingston’s memory and storage product line. Scott Chen, Vice-President, APAC Region, Kingston explains what this means for the brand. “Kingston Technology has always believed in going the extra mile and thinking out of the box. It is this tradition that we are proud of and it is amply reflected in our new marketing communication in India. Over the 25 years that Kingston has been in the business, we have carried with us a wide range of memories. There have been victorious moments that have made us proud and there have been tough economic conditions during which we have had a great deal of support from our loyal customers and channel partners. This concept therefore perfectly reflects our company’s history that is replete with wonderful memories. I am thrilled that our marketing campaign in India will be built around this simple yet wonderful concept of reviving childhood memories.”

Vishal Parekh, Marketing Director, India, Kingston elaborates on the thought process that went into creating this unique brand campaign. “When it comes to marketing, we have always developed strategies that are distinctive and creative. This time, we built our communication campaign around an idea that is simple yet so relevant – keeping memories alive. The memories we wanted to focus on in our campaign are childhood memories that evoke varied emotions ranging from happiness and excitement to sheer elation. The campaign advertisements feature things we’ve all done in our childhood like playing a game with friends or sitting on a see-saw. They bring with them a sense of nostalgia that will put a smile on everyone’s face. The reason we have kids in our advertisements is because we wanted to impress upon consumers that purchasing a memory module or an SSD is not a difficult thing to do, and if kids can approach technology without apprehension then anyone can. I am certain that this new campaign will strike a chord with everyone irrespective of age, sex or background.”

Kingston has also innovatively woven in the USPs of various product lines into its campaign communication. For example, in the promotions for the HyperX product line, the advertising depicts a thrilling childhood memory of playing on a merry-go-round. In the Wi-Drive promotions, Kingston has focused on that simple yet joyful memory of sharing a drink with your best friends.

Ann Bai, DRAM Memory Sales Director, APAC region, Kingston, also had words of high praise for the new campaign. “The new marketing initiative is such an exciting thing for all of us at Kingston. It provides a unique, more emotional perspective towards our products and also towards the brand. I’m sure the DRAM product line will get more visibility through this campaign and it will also help people understand our products better. For example, consumers will be able to understand system specific memory better through the creative advertisement that shows it as a perfect fit for your machine. The campaign redefines the way we market and promote the brand and our products. I am convinced that this innovative, creative promotion will definitely resonate in people’s hearts and minds,” she said.

Nathan Su, Flash Memory Sales Director, APAC Region, Kingston, was equally enthused about the new communication campaign. He said, “Kingston’s marketing campaigns in India have always captured people’s hearts and imaginations. This time, it is so nice that the new, creative marketing campaign involves childhood memories. It makes technology appear so much simpler and easier to use. For instance, it shows us through children whispering secrets in each other’s ears just how easy it is to keep your data safe by using a secure drive. I’m certain it will be very effective in promoting Kingston’s impressive and ever growing line up of flash products.”