Project Debuts Cordli iPhone Case Designed To Eliminate Cord Bulge For Beats By Dre & Studio Headphone Users On The Go

kickstarter-logoCreator of the functional and stylish Cordli iPhone Case, Aki Attawia, announced today the official Kickstarter project for his innovative iPhone case concept ( The Cordli is Aki Attawia’s ingenious response to the dreaded “cord bulge” and tangled mess that occurs in hand, in pockets and handbags when travelers use studio headphones with their iPhones. The case has been designed to match the needs of iPhone 4/4s and 5 users and is compatible with studio headphone cords like Beats by Dre and Soul by Ludacris with a 3.5mm diameter cord.

I thought about the creation of this case for a very long time before developing the official prototypes,” begins Cordli iPhone Case inventor, Aki Attawia. “Most people on the subway, in waiting rooms, and walking around the city have adopted the use of studio headphones for listening to music, audiobooks, videos, and so much more. The sound is amazing but the cords truly get in the way. However these headphones are costly and wrapping the cord around your phone or it getting caught on items as you pass them does risk you destroying a product that you love to own and use daily. I created this case keeping sensibility, functionality and style in mind. The Cordli iPhone Case gives you one less thing to worry about throughout your day.

The Cordli iPhone Case’s Kickstarter page is currently running live and will run until October 15, 2013. Aki Attawia has a pledge goal of $8,900 to go toward production costs to create and mass produce the cases for national distribution. He has taken this project as far as he can on his own and is now using Kickstarter to gain crowd funding support for a successful campaign. Backer pledge options range from $5 to $100 with supporters receiving a variety of items including a thank you on the company website to a Cordli iPhone Case in any color. To support this project you may make a pledge at