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Keeping track of Microsoft and it’s AI expedition : Co-Pilot, Image Creator and much more

With a slew of innovative AI-powered services, such as the new Bing with ChatGPT-like features, Bing Image Creator, Microsoft 365 Copilot, and others, Microsoft is at the forefront of generative AI deployment.

With prominent tech firms fully committed to generative AI development and user friendly experience, new AI tech gets produced on the daily. Computers can now write, draw, code, and perform a variety of other tasks almost as well as humans, and the number of applications keeps growing.

Once ridiculed for being stagnant and slow in the AI scene, Microsoft is presently on a streak of releasing unique AI-powered services for users. From Microsoft 365 Co-Pilot to the all new Bing, below listed are the products that Microsoft has introduced in the coming months.

Microsoft revealed a new version of Bing featuring ChatGPT-like features at the beginning of February. When the new Bing first debuted, its conversation component used a more current iteration of OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 model, which has since been upgraded to GPT-4.

This upgraded version of Bing can provide you with human-like and detailed responses with citations that link back to its original source. It can also generate creative work such at articles and poems.

Bing Image Creator
Microsoft also introduced a Dall-E-powered image generator that can create images only by writing down what you want to see in a picture. Previously only available to Bing preview users, the feature is now available to all users. Edge will automatically add the image creator to its sidebar, though you might need to manually add it by clicking the Plus symbol.

Microsoft 365 Co-Pilot
With the Microsoft 365 Vo-Pilot, you can operate more quickly and intelligently. Your words are translated into actions using your data and apps. With natural language commands, you can write, edit, summarise, create, analyse, and communicate with the AI Co-pilot.

The business chat feature enables it to generate status updates or schedule meetings based on data. Though currently in testing, once released, the AI will be available across all Microsoft platforms and applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Teams.

Microsoft Security Copilot
Microsoft will integrate Security Copilot, a new AI-powered security solution, with all of its Security products and, over time, expand it to a burgeoning ecosystem of third-party companies.

The AI tool aids in defenders’ quicker and more efficient response to threats. It offers precise, practical insights and advice for risk mitigation using generative AI and Microsoft’s worldwide threat intelligence.

Moreover, Security Copilot has the ability to summarise analyst work and respond to questions in plain language. It is not yet generally accessible and is only in preview.

Several other AI tools have been released or are under review by Microsoft such as the GitHub Copilot X, SwiftKey Keyboard, Co-Pilot for OneNote and much more.

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