Keep your device alive with Portronics Car Power

 portronicsPortronics, a leader in innovative digital and portable products comes out with incredibly small portable car charger- Car Power. The name Car power is as powerful as its name and boosts up the charging power of your phone at a much faster rate. This tiny portable product charges any device which has the input of 12V DC and the output of full 5V, 1A like mobiles, tablets, Bluetooth, portable speakers, cameras and a lot more.

The LED light of Car Power allows you to locate the car charger at night very efficiently as it has the LED indicator that lights up when inserted in the car socket. LED allows the user to understand that the lighter socket is fully functional. The Output of Car Power is fully 1A; hence the speed of charging will be the same as the AC socket.

The size of the charger is so small that it doesn’t take any of the extra car space and does not interfere with the gear mechanism.

Portable, slim and lightweight Car Power is the perfect way to ensure your battery won’t run out when you’re on the go!


1.      Input:12Vdc~18Vdc ,≤1.2 A

2.      Output: Full 1A ,5V

3.      Power: 5W

4.      Max Current:1.5A

5.      Working Frequency:150KHZ              

6.      IC chips:XL1509