Kaspersky Security for Virtualization Agentless Reinforces Security Capabilities of VMware NSX for Smart Protection of Data Centers

Kaspersky Lab has released a new version of its virtualization security solution,Kaspersky Security for Virtualization Agent less. Designed to provide protection within software-defined data centers built on VMware vSphere® and VMware NSX®, thesolution now delivers advanced security capabilities for each virtual machine andvirtual network with nearly no impact on the virtualized platform’s resources..

By leveraging VMware NSX and the new Kaspersky Security for Virtualization Agentlesssolution, customers are able to find the right balance of performance and protection in a software-defined datacenter. The resource-efficient security solution helps retain highconsolidation ratios, and reduce the load on computing resources. The anti-malwareprotection for virtualization allows file-scanning tasks to be offloaded from the individual
virtual machine onto a dedicated secure virtual machine (VM) for greater efficiency and lowerimpact on the system’s performance.

Built-in VMware NSX features are now natively reinforced with Kaspersky Security forVirtualization’s security capabilities, such as anti-malware protection, virtual network IDS/IPSand enhanced SNMP-monitoring. Using NSX Security Tags allows for real-time reaction tosecurity incidents and allows for the automatic reconfiguration of the virtual infrastructure if the Agentless detects malware or other malicious activity. With security policy integration,each virtual machine will receive precise security capabilities as defined by the corporatepolicies based on the VM’s role.
Kaspersky Security for Virtualization Agentless has a unique full infrastructure scan capability that enables scanning both online and offline virtual machines. Unlike traditional agent-based security solutions that can only scan operating VMs, the dedicated solution is specifically designed for virtualization to detect malware across the entire infrastructure.

The performance vs. security dilemma has been at core of relationships between IT and security professionals for as long as virtualization has been popular in the enterprise sector.
VMware and Kaspersky Lab address this dilemma by offering the use of Kaspersky Security for Virtualization Agentless with VMware NSX. This provides customers with advanced security capabilities and almost zero impact on the platform performance and efficiency. Thesecurity features we now offer for both VMware NSX and VMware vShield Endpoint™ meansthat any IT and security strategies one has can be fully aligned to particular business needs.& quot;said Vitaly Mzokov, solution business lead, Data Center & Virtualization Security, KasperskyLab.

“We are pleased that Kaspersky’s Security for Virtualization Agentless product qualifies for the VMware Ready™ for Networking and Security logo, signifying to customers that it has met specific VMware interoperability standards and works effectively with VMware NSX. Thissignifies to customers that Kaspersky Security for Virtualization Agentless can be deployed inproduction environments with confidence and can speed time to value within customer environments,” said Kristen Edwards, director, Technology Alliance Partner Program,VMware.

We have been using VMware solutions for virtualization, leveraging advanced automationand protection capabilities provided by the VMware NSX network and security virtualizationplatform. With Kaspersky Lab’s security solution now natively working with our virtualenvironment, we can also easily offer automated protection for each virtual machine across the entire infrastructure. Security tags and policy-based operation allows us to deliver

security capabilities in a faster and more efficient way. All of that, as well as almost zero impact on resources, is critical to enhance reliability of our software-defined data center.”said Iurie Turcanu, chief technology officer at e-Government Center of the Republic of Moldova. Security management functions are unified in a single administration console, which allows controlling all VMs along with physical and mobile devices, protected with other Kaspersky Lab’s solutions. This is to make management of various environments’ security simple and visible across virtual to physical to mobile platforms. Virtualization-native architecture of the security solution provides a tool set of protective technologies that can work with the IT infrastructure of any complexity, both on-premise and off-premise.

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