Kaspersky Lab warns of dangers of ‘Balkanisation’ at its 4th APAC Cyber Security Summit

Kaspersky Lab today presents the cybersecurity risks that can result from Balkanisation in cyberspace: — the fragmentation of the world wide web, as it launches its 4th Asia Pacific (APAC) Cyber Security Weekend in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The four-day event, with the theme of “Balkanisation: Security Should Not Be in Isolation” will highlight the possible perils of de-globalisation of the internet, alongside an overview of cyber threats involving countries in Asia.

To provide comprehensive insights into the current state of cyber security in APAC, three elite cybersecurity experts from Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT) did put the spotlight on the most important online attacks monitored in the region.
Top billing at this year’s conference goes to Kaspersky Lab’s Director of GReAT in APAC, Vitaly Kamluk, who demystified the future of the internet based on his 13 years’ experience in analyzing malware and the current laws and trends that transform the cyber security landscape around the world.
Kaspersky had emphasized that Balkanisation and the advent of protectionism being displayed by nations around the world will benefit no one but the cyber criminals.

In addition to the important debate on the future of the internet, Kaspersky Lab’s Korea-based senior security researcher, Seongsu Park, tackled the sophisticated and infamous online adversary of APAC countries: the Lazarus group.
Suguru Ishimaru, security researcher in Kaspersky Lab’s GReAT, shared the methods used to analyse Android malware and will reveal the recent activities of the mobile malware dubbed as Roaming Mantis. This money-motivated attacker was able to successfully infect Android smartphones in South Korea, Bangladesh, and Japan through DNS hijacking earlier this year.

Along side the company’s top cybersecurity researchers, Kaspersky Lab executives Neumeier and Alejandro Arango, Global Director for Corporate Communication, also be graced the event