Kaspersky Lab Unmasks the History of Cyber Espionage in the APAC region

Equipped with detailed histories of previous cyber-espionage attacks against countries in the Asia Pacific, Kaspersky Lab today exposes the current state of the cyber-espionage threat landscape in the region. Kaspersky Lab’s cybersecurity researcher Vitaly Kamluk reveals that the global cybersecurity company has already published reports about cyber espionage campaigns waged against businesses and organizations in the APAC region since 2010.
Kaspersky Lab’s long-standing commitment to cybersecurity research is one of the reasons why it continues to link up with industry leaders to help develop cybersecurity solutions across sectors. Kaspersky Lab’s current collaboration with the National University of Singapore (NUS) turns a new leaf in the cybersecurity company’s research efforts in Asia as the two entities endeavor to create a groundbreaking technology that will efficiently help malware analysts and security response teams understand malware used in cyber attacks and identify attackers as swiftly as possible.
Their research project titled, “Malware Source Attribution through Multi-Dimensional Code Feature Analysis” is an innovative and practical approach to speed up the research of cybersecurity professionals in tracing APT malware codes and tracking hackers. It is among nine cyber security research projects recently granted funding by the Singapore government because of its significance to create impact in Singapore and potential to be used in people’s lives.
In the quest to analyze attacks and follow the trail of hackers, today’s cybersecurity experts normally collect evidence only after an incident happens. These malware artefacts are then analyzed and placed in juxtaposition with the history of malware attacks to establish the possible origins of threats actors responsible for the attack.
The development of the Kaspersky Lab-NUS research project is expected to further aid in improving the investigation of and heightening the protection against complex cyber attacks in the future.
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