Kaspersky Lab ties up with DNIF for a technology partnership

Global security giant Kaspersky Lab works on its constant endeavor to make the world a safer place. Over the years, it has collaborated with its technology peers to leverage its strengths in order to offer unique solutions to its users. Taking a step further in this direction, Kaspersky Lab has tied up with DNIF for a groundbreaking new technology partnership.

In October 2018, Kaspersky Lab had undertaken a vast survey of CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers) and the problems they face in handling their everyday jobs. It threw light on an array of grave challenges they face that are largely due to gaps in organized data and knowledge banks. For instance, the quality and speed of incident response often leaves much to be desired because of the time it takes to understand the complete impact of the threat and the immediate solutions. Currently, most CISOs work on a reactive model that often leads to financial, data and reputation loss. Then there are challenges of navigating organizational structures, budgetary constraints, and training.

Crafting a unique solution to battle these concerns, Kaspersky Lab has entered into a technology-and-knowledge-sharing partnership with NETMONASTERY’s DINF product. DINF is a next-gen SIEM platform that powers big data analytics and machine learning to provide end-to-end visibility. With the Kaspersky Lab knowledge thrust, all DNIF users will substantially benefit as they now have one of the most powerful threat detection and management products in the market.