Kaspersky Lab Named a ‘Leader’ in IDC MarketScape:Western European Enterprise Endpoint Security 2012

Kaspersky Lab is proud to announce that it has been named a leader in the recent IDC MarketScape: Western Europe Enterprise Endpoint Security 2012 Vendor Analysis (doc #IS01V, March 2013).


Kaspersky Lab’s main areas of strength, according to IDC, are the company’s strong focus on endpoint security, highly developed management features, constant support for all types of endpoint device, a highly skilled organization that responds quickly to malware, a wide range of device control and encryption capabilities, and a flexible pricing strategy.

The IDC report said: “The Company has delivered notable growth over the past decade to the SMB and enterprise markets through its suites of targeted endpoint security solutions. Kaspersky Lab continues to focus on organic growth and innovation as a key differentiator to the M&A activity that other security vendors are initiating. The latest Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business (KESB) platform demonstrates the company’s ability to develop issues-based offerings challenging resource, management and cost complexities in this category.”

Alexander Erofeev, Kaspersky Lab’s Chief Marketing Officer, commented: “The B2B market is key strategic growth areas for Kaspersky Lab’s immediate future development. In January 2013 we have launched our new flagship B2B solution Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business which offers a powerful combination of extensive data protection, high efficiency, seamless manageability along with our classical antimalware capabilities. It is very important for us to have a reputable company like IDC once again name us as a ‘Leader’ – this time among providers of endpoint security solutions on the Western European market. Such a high rating will help us drive a further increase in our enterprise and small and medium-sized business clientele, as well as home office customers.”

Providing an overview of the competitive viability of the key providers in the Western European enterprise endpoint security market, IDC divides potential key measures for success into two primary categories: capabilities and strategies. The former focuses on the capabilities of the company and the product today, here and now. Under this category, IDC analysts look at how well a vendor is building/delivering capabilities that enable it to execute its chosen strategy in the market. The strategies category focuses on high-level strategic decisions and underlying assumptions about offerings, customer segments, and go-to-market plans for the future (defined as the next three to five years). Under this category, analysts look at whether or not a supplier’s strategies in various areas are aligned with customer requirements over a defined future time period.