Kaspersky Lab Launches The Latest Versions Of Provensecurity Solutions For Home Users

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Kaspersky Lab announced the release of thelatest versions of its kespersky logoaward-winning security solutions for home users: KasperskyAntivirus, Kaspersky Internet Security, Kaspersky Internet Security- MultiDevice and Kaspersky Total Security- Multi Device. These solutions boastenhancements to existing protection technologies, as well as a host of brandnew features to ensure the highest levels of security for users’ PCs and theirdigital valuables.

Quick Facts
Cyberthreats have become a global problem and their number and sophistication continues to evolve significantly. Kaspersky Lab currently detects 325,000 new malicious files every day. Last year, the company’s products detected and neutralized a total of 6,167,233,068 threats. This figure has just been growing and with every passing day, the ‘badguys’ are always coming up with something new. Kaspersky Lab’s latest research on Internet users showed that every third user does nothing to protect online payments. Let’s look at a few other numbers: 44% share theirpasswords with others, 15% do not limit apps’ permissions on their devices,30% of social network users are ready to share personal info with everybody, 74% users couldn’t distinguish potentially malicious file, 81% of malware attacks have bad consequences and 33% result in money costs, almost every sixth Internet user lost money as result of cyberattack and 25% of Internet users had their account hacked.

Key innovations& ProductHighlights                                               To add more, Kaspersky Lab’s Consumer ITSecurity Risks Survey 2015 showed, the number of Internet users that areconcerned about their online privacy has significantly increased from lastyear. 70% of users are concerned that someone could gain access to theirpersonal files, 61% worry that there may be programs on their devicescollecting information about them, and 49% do not trust their own webcams – thecameras are known to be frequently used to spy on device owners. All of theseissues require security solutions to find new ways of ensuring user privacy ontheir devices. The new versions of Kaspersky Solutions for Windows and other digital devices are designed with this in mind, incorporating new privacy protection technologies.

Social networks, advertising andanalytical agencies often request information about users’ browser activities,their locations, search history etc. They access this information via thebrowser and can resell it, and use it to show contextually targeted advertisingto the user. Private Browsing removessuch data from the Internet traffic and reports any blocked requests to theuser via a dedicated plugin (which is available for Mozilla Firefox, InternetExplorer and Google Chrome). Kaspersky Lab’s technology is different from othertools incorporated into browsers: the product does more than preventing usersfrom being identified via cookie files, or warning sites that it does not wishto transmit data that could track users; it actually guarantees that this datawill not leave the device.

It is also common for additionalextensions to be incorporated on the user’s device without the user’s knowledgewhen freeware is installed. Those changes could affect the browser home pageand default search engine, or install extra plugins and / or extensions etc. Inaddition, network and system configurations could be modified without thedevice owner’s consent. All these elements potentially encroach on userprivacy, since some plugins and extensions may also collect information aboutusers and their online behavior and use it for different purposes. Change Control* detects any processattempting to introduce such changes, reports that to the user and asks for theprocess to be expressly permitted, or blocked.

In addition, the updated Privacy Cleaner tool helps remove alltraces of user activity from a Windows computer, including the browser history,the list of the latest documents opened etc. In turn, the Webcam Protection feature prevents the interception of images fromthe webcam, notifies users when it is accessed by legitimate applications andgives the opportunity to block all access to the camera.

Since the cyberthreat landscape is aconstantly evolving subject, we strongly recommend users to regularly updatetheir security products to the latest versions in order to ensure the latestprotection advancements are in place. All Kaspersky Lab’s flagship homeproducts include free automatic updates and upgrades and can be managedremotely via personal My Kaspersky account.
*The ‘Change Control’ feature is disabled by default. It can be enabledin the product’s configuration.

Kaspersky Antivirus – Essential Protection for Your PC
Kaspersky Anti-Virus is the foundation ofour battle with the latest malware. It protects against malicious software,assesses the security of each website a user visits and identifies anysuspicious program behavior. Kaspersky Anti-Virus also includes an automaticexploit protection system, which prevents malware from exploiting security gapsin legitimate applications and software used by millions of people across theglobe.

Kaspersky Internet Security – Protects your privacy, your money & your kids from Internet risks
Kaspersky Internet Security providespremium PC protection to protect our customers from all types of Internetthreats. In addition to antivirus and anti-phishing protection, it includes arange of other tools and technologies to help protect privacy, personal dataand online payments. Kaspersky Internet Security also enables parents tomonitor their children’s activity on the Web with the help of the ParentalControl module.

Kaspersky Internet Security- Multi Device – The one-licence, multi-platform solution for PCs, Macs & Androiddevices
Whichever device you use when you’rebanking, shopping, surfing or social networking online, the Internet holds thesame security risks – including malware infections, cybercrime and phishing. Soit’s important to ensure all your connected devices, and the personal data youstore on them, are protected against all the threats the Web can deliver.Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device is the easy-to-use, one-licence,multi-platform security solution that protects virtually any combination ofPCs, Macs, Android smartphones and Android tablets to give you.

Kaspersky Total Security- Multi Device – Ultimate PC & other digital devices Protection for Your Home
For the ultimate PC, Mac and Androiddevices security solution, choose Kaspersky Total Security- Multi Device. Itdelivers everything you need to protect your multi-platform – including yourdigital identity and your documents, photos, music and passwords – against thelatest, sophisticated malware and Internet threats. With special features thatadd further layers of protection when you’re online shopping or banking, italso secures your money and your accounts against cybercriminals.

Pricing, availability and upgrade options
Kaspersky Lab’s allnew editions will be available from the Kaspersky Lab online store: http://www.kaspersky.co.in/homestore_India from 8th September 2015. It will be alsoavailable in IT retail outlets and major large format retail outlets.Registered users of previous versions can upgrade to Kaspersky Mobile Securityfree of charge, but they must reinstall the application.

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