Kaspersky Lab launches new generation of beyond-AV consumer solutions in India with Midori Kuma Inbox x

Kaspersky Lab, one of the leading cybersecurity brands in the world, made a splash with the announcement of its latest AV consumer solutions. Alongside their power-packed features that give one the best security across all devices, it comes with a new packaging model that showcases their new data-guardian Midori Kuma. A green bear who is honest, kind, caring, curious, and the main motive of his life is to Protect Data across the globe: Midori Kuma is Kaspersky Lab’s original character tasked to remind internet users on how to keep their data safe from cybercriminals.

The brand-new Midori Kuma packaging is going to be showcased across Kaspersky Lab’s updated key range of solutions for home users, designed to safeguard everything that is valuable to them – privacy, money, memories, the piece of mind for their loved ones and much more, in addition to protecting against cyber attacks. In the company’s essential products – Kaspersky Free and Kaspersky Anti-Virus – functions have been added to protect users against the newest and most advanced cyber threats. Improvements have also been made to the performance, ease of configuration and detection efficiency of the product line’s premium solutions – Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Total Security. But most importantly, the company’s portfolio has been replenished with a completely new product – an adaptive service called Kaspersky Security Cloud, which goes even further to protect users from any problems they may encounter in the digital world.

Kaspersky Security Cloud is available in three versions. The Free version has a limited number of scenarios, it only applies to one account and three devices at a time. The Personal version provides full-service functionality for one account and five devices. The Family version covers up to 20 accounts and up to 20 devices. The Midori Kuma packaging will be available from August 18 onwards.