January 27, 2021

Kaspersky Lab introduces its new mobile application – Kaspersky QR Scanner.

Kaspersky QR Scanner.
This program is compatible with Google Android and Apple iOS and can not only read information from QR codes, but also warn users about potentially dangerous links within them.
QR code is a square shape code specifically designed for smartphone users, that if any smartphone user scans the code with their device’s camera, the code will automatically lead users to designated websites however the app responds by checking the information encoded in the QR code. If everything is OK, it opens the page. If the link leads to a phishing or a malicious site, the user sees a warning notification. In addition to the website addresses, the scanner correctly detects any texts encrypted in QR codes as well as contact information.
In short, QR codes offer a convenient tool to send links to a mobile device, from computer screens or printed pages. However, while experienced users can recognize fake URLs on screen, there is no way of identifying a rogue QR code with the naked eye. This means cybercriminals are not only able to replace pictures with codes online; they can also physically glue their malicious QR codes over genuine ones on real-world posters and notices.
QR codes are everywhere. We scan them in shops, on public transport, in museums or in magazines so we can get the latest news or special offers.
Some Benefits of QR Scanner:
✔ Simple & Free
It’s quick and easy to scan QRs to access websites, images, text, contact details & more.
✔ Stay safe from scams
QR codes can conceal online threats. See the real link before you open it. Check it automatically with Kaspersky Security Network.
✔ Easy Wi-Fi Connection
Connect safely to Wi-Fi. It only takes a second to get the credentials by scanning the QR code.
✔ Save a contact
Put the details on a business card straight onto your device – no need for manual input.