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Kaspersky Lab and eCaps Computers conduct successful pitstop in Mumbai

World-renowned cyber security brand Kaspersky Lab conducted its 6thpartner pitstop in India this calendar year. Kaspersky collaborated with its national distributor eCaps Computers to hold the pitstop in Mumbai on April 7, 2017. Over 35 prospects congregated at the picturesque Novotel Hotel, on the shores on Juhu beach for an action packed evening.

The pitstop began at 7 PM with more than 35 attendees from 22 participating companies. Kaspersky Lab was represented by Mr. Tahir Hussain (Regional Sales Manager Kaspersky Lab) & Pratap Mondal (Enterprise Sales Manager, Kaspersky Lab) while Mr. K. Gunasegharan, the Director of eCaps Computers represented his company.

The pitstop began with a brief introduction by Mr. Hussain, to Kaspersky’s 20-year history and its work in India. He further went on to demonstrate the company’s extremely successful non-endpoint security offerings. Mr. Mondal took forward the baton and elaborated on Kaspersky’s products like Security for Virtualization & Datacentre, Security Intelligence Services and Kaspersky Lab’s other enterprise offerings. Kaspersky Security Intelligence Services comprises of world leading threat intelligence, expert services and security trainings. Mr. Hussain went on to explain Kaspersky’s partner benefits and margins. A detailed partner roadmap was then discussed, that cemented the gathering’s faith in Kaspersky’s mutually beneficial partner programs.

Mr. Altaf Halde, MD – South Asia, Kaspersky Lab said, “We have a very bullish year planned ahead. With expansions to our current lines, updates and new product launches, we need to reach out to even more people across India. We have always maintained that we’ve grown with the co-operation and hard work of our partners. With this pitstop, we wish to rope in more like-minded partners to further our vision of making India’s cyber systems more secure and amongst the best in the world. It was a very successful pitstop and we look forward to welcoming more partners into our foray!”

Mr. K Gunasegharan, Director, eCaps Computers added, “Kaspersky Lab has always taken immense care of its partners. It shows in the long and fruitful associations it has had with all of them over the years. As their national distributor for so long, we feel like an integral part of the Kaspersky family. This partner pitstop was crucial to us, because Mumbai is vital to our growth plans this year. A lot of questions were answered today and our prospective partners got a deep insight into how we work. We’re sure this will be the beginning of a long innings with our new partners!”

Kaspersky Lab’s partner pitstops have, for long, been benchmarks in the industry. They’ve led the way to clearer, more honest and more robust systems for partners that benefit everybody in the chain. The night closed with refreshing cocktails and a scrumptious dinner by the Arabian Sea. It sure seemed to be the start of yet another successful partnership for Kaspersky Lab.

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