Kaspersky Lab allies with new B2B partners to expand reach of its enterprise solutions

downloadMumbai, November 29, 2013

Kaspersky Lab takes its targeted enterprise solutions – Mobile Device Management, Systems Management, Encryption and Security for Virtualization to ISODA and ASIRT partners. In the last few weeks, Kaspersky Lab co-hosted both ISODA and ASIRT partners on two separate engagement sessions, showcasing the range of enterprise solutions and discussing partnership opportunities.

The ISODA event was co-hosted by Kaspersky Lab and its national distributor for Enterprise Solutions, Comguard. Key ISODA members, including large and medium System Integrators, participated in the event. Present on the occasion from Kaspersky Lab were Altaf Halde, Managing Director, Ajaykumar Joshi, Sr. Manager – Enterprise Channels, and Pranav Bhayani, Technical support head. Comguard was represented by Harish Rai, Country Manager. A range of issues were discussed, ranging from taxation to businesses management philosophy to offering better value to customers and taking a consultative approach to move up the value chain with customers.

Kaspersky Lab introduced its key enterprise solutions and got a very positive response from the partners. The speaker from Kaspersky Lab was Pranav Bhayani, who spoke about Kaspersky Lab’s offerings and how exactly partners can leverage them to get into newer accounts or up-sell in existing accounts. He particularly highlighted the Systems Management module, Mobile Device Management and Kaspersky Security for Virtualization (KSV), which are available as targeted solutions.

The ASIRT Tech Day was co-hosted by Kaspersky Lab along with Ecaps, national distributor for Kaspersky Lab enterprise solutions.

According to Altaf Halde, Managing Director, Kaspersky Lab – South Asia, “Our prime objective in participating at ISODA and ASIRT was to broaden our reach to new clients and partners. As part of our channel outreach efforts, such platforms give us exposure to meet new partners and create new relationships, talk about our products and our channel enablement process.”

Ajaykumar Joshi, Sr. Manager, Enterprise Channels, who was also present on the ASIRT Tech Day, spoke about the importance and contribution of channels for fast growth of Kaspersky Lab B2B business in India.