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Kaspersky integrates with SolarWinds to help MSPs deliver automated cybersecurity protection to their customers

Kaspersky has integrated its cybersecurity solutions with the SolarWinds Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) platform to help service providers (MSPs) support smooth operations and make their routines easier to run. Now MSPs can deploy and manage Kaspersky’s products for endpoints across all their customers through a single SolarWinds management console – both on-premises and via a SaaS model – while automating daily routine tasks such as security monitoring and anti-virus (AV) database updates.

Businesses rely on MSPs to achieve the level of cybersecurity needed to protect their data, save money and reduce the strain on internal resources. When MSP customer numbers increase, they must put more effort into the day to day management of their clients’ cybersecurity needs, to make sure they can cope with the demand. RMM platforms allow MSPs to proactively manage their customer’s IT infrastructure remotely to prevent issues and respond faster, so they can meet service-level agreements. A single monitoring and management console also lets administrators automate daily routine tasks, meaning MSPs make better use of cybersecurity resources and allocate staff to other important work such as connecting a new client.

The integration between Kaspersky and SolarWinds will allow MSPs to use best-of-breed Kaspersky products and benefit from automating a wide range of cybersecurity tasks – such as monitoring protected devices, checking for updates in the anti-virus database, and remotely deploying security to new endpoints – all through the RMM platform.

“The integration across both SolarWinds MSP RMM platforms with our partner, Kaspersky, is going to give our mutual MSP customers even greater opportunity to further protect their systems and those of their customers,” stated Marco Muto, Director of Business Development, SolarWinds MSP. “The SolarWinds Technology Alliance Partner program extends our ability to more rapidly deliver the third-party solutions MSPs need to be efficient and successful, and this is a great example of that.”

“MSPs need to be able to provide cybersecurity services to their customers. To achieve this they need a powerful protection solution that is easy to deliver and manage across multiple clients. This is exactly what Kaspersky is offering with the integration of our endpoint protection products and the SolarWinds MSP RMM platform.” stated Casper Teijema, Global Partners Manager at Kaspersky.

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