December 4, 2020

Kaspersky Fraud Prevention Cloud Enables Machine Learning and Big Data Analysis for Enhanced Multi-Channel Protection

Kaspersky Lab has released Kaspersky Fraud Prevention Cloud, a new solution for organizations facing risks from fraudulent activity via fast-growing online services. In addition to fraud prevention solutions for endpoints and mobile devices within Kaspersky Fraud Prevention platform, the new product features a set of cloud-based technologies designed to give banks, financial institutions, loyalty schemes providers and government agencies protection against fraudsters. These include a global device reputation database, device and environmental analysis, behavioural analysis and biometrics, and client less malware detection.

With the rise of online and mobile banking, organizations need to fight fraud and money laundering while also ensuring protection for their users. For example, one in four customers of banks have been a victim of financial fraud in the last year[1]. The new fraud prevention offering from Kaspersky Lab delivers multi-channel protection for both organizations and users, resulting in reduced losses from fraud and controlled prevention costs.
The solution incorporates advanced technologies to improve the visibility and detection of suspicious activity without undermining the user experience. Behavioural analysis and biometrics help to identify whether a person is real, without any additional actions or procedures required by the user. Behaviour is analyzed through mouse movements, clicks, scrolls, keystrokes on PCs, and accelerometer/gyroscope position and gestures (touch, swipes and etc.) on mobile devices.
Kaspersky Fraud Prevention Cloud accumulates and analyses user behaviour, device, environment and session information as anonymized and depersonalised big data in the cloud, making it available to expert forensics and automatic offline analysis.