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K7 Enterprise Security chosen to Protect Vellore Institute of Technology campuses

44K7_LogoAfter extensive testing and review, Vellore Institute of Technology finds K7 Enterprise Security is ideally suited to protect its entire network from malware, spyware and other Internet-based threats, here is the detailed press release

Chennai, India, July 25 2013 K7 Computing Pvt. Ltd. India’s leading data security and threat management companies announced today that Vellore Institute of Technology, one of the top ranked technology universities in India has selected K7 Enterprise Security to protect its network of  workstations, laptops and servers from malware & virus after extensive test and review.

“Founded in 1984 VIT University has two campuses in Tamil Nadu and is frequently rated among the top technological research university in India. “We have been using Desktop Security products of some of the BIG names in the industry for quite number of years. Though we never had a permanent fix we were managing the show.  It is always a challenge for an IT Manager to have an environment free from vulnerability. Systems Administrators always have tough time to maintain a virus free network.  Whenever there is a Virus outburst, then the life goes from bad to worse.  We hardly see any executives from these brands visiting us to enquire the performance of the product or to finding out the new challenges faced by the customers.” said Mr. Mohan Kumar Chandera Madian, Senior Manager of Systems, VIT University.

“After careful consideration and detailed discussion I had with Mr. Kesavardhanan made me to gain more confidence on the product capability and the support.  Subsequently a team of Professors also visited K7 Computing facility to understand the development activities in K7 Labs. The team had a brief discussion with the CEO to explore collaborative research opportunities with VIT for mutual benefits. We became one of Enterprise customer of K7 around 4 months back and we are extremely happy with the product and support. The reporting tool is very useful giving us the detailed report and summary reports. Group identification and client identification is simple. Movement of client from one group to other group is quick and simple. In a nutshell we are a satisfied customer of K7 End Point Security Product.” Mr. Mohan Kumar added.

K7 Enterprise Security is an award-winning next generation enterprise security suite that steps ahead of traditional security products by combining malware protection, active web filtering, application control, runtime behavior monitoring, intrusion protection and data leakage prevention into a centrally managed distributed system. With its proactive and reactive defenses K7 Enterprise Security significantly outperforms traditional antivirus products and other singularly focused network security solutions.

“We are extremely happy to protect the network of Vellore Institute of Technology, being India’s top rated university. VIT has preferred K7 Enterprise Security over other products after their stringent testing & review.  K7 Enterprise Security with its unique combination of proactive and reactive defenses delivers to our customer’s holistic protection across the widest set of possible threat vectors,” said Jayaraman Kesavardhanan, CEO, K7 Computing Pvt. Ltd.

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