K-yan set to transform Educational Scenario in Himachal

imagesThe educational scenario in the state of Himachal Pradesh is set to be transformed by the hi-tech multimedia tool ‘K-yan’. Manufactured by IL&FS, K-yans and Smart Boards are distributed by Iris Computers Limited.Himachal Pradesh Government has ordered 3,000 units of K-yan along with the  Smart Boards, a value beyond 30 Crores, which will be distributed through IRIS’s distribution network.

According to Chairman, Iris Computers Ltd, Sanjiv Krishen, “ For years students have been taught on the black board with white chalk. It is only a few students in elite schools or those in advanced countries who got the opportunity to study in a smart class room with audio visual smart boards. Now students belonging to all classes of society will get an opportunity to study in a smart class as the price of K-yan is within affordable range of most schools.”

K-yan is a revolutionary new product created with integrating several digital electronic devices like a personal computer with high speed processing capability, large data storage (160 GB) facility, high speed internet connectivity, DVD/VCD/ACD MP3 capability, TV Tuner Card and a high quality projector (2800 lumens) with capability of projecting large format images (over 300 inches) onto a smart interactive board.

Sanjiv Krishen said, “IL&FS has prepared the course material according to the prescribed syllabus which will be in the computer and can be projected onto the smart boards through the projector. For example the movement of the sun and planets can be visually demonstrated with students hearing the narration. Writing by hand by teachers will be virtually eliminated though they would be able to use the stylus to explain the concept further on the interactive smart board.” “This is not just for the school class room. It has the potential to be used at home also as also for board rooms and private coaching classes,” he added.

The K-yan is thus going to revolutionize classroom teaching by providing high quality multimedia experience to the students. More importantly the teaching is going to be completely inter active as the system comes with a stylus which can be used on the projected image real time to move items, make notes on the smart board. The multimedia curriculum can also be developed in different regional languages. The portability of the compact device is its major advantage as it can be carried from one class room to another.