K.K. Infotech Brand Opening Embarked To Serve All Types Of Electronic Gadgets In Jaipur

K.K. Infotech Opening in Jaipur

K.K. Infotech Opening in Jaipur

Jaipur: K.K. Infotech has opened its brand new store at Madhyam Marg, Mansarovar, Jaipur. The opening of K.K. Infratech took place on 15 May on Sunday. Moreover, the opening of the brand new store based in Jaipur was done by Dr Rakesh Kalra. He is a director of Curewell hospital and runs the hospital in the city of Jaipur. And the opening of the brand new showroom K.K. Infotech has been done under the guidance of Dr Rakesh Kalra.

So, to take K.K. Infotech to the heights and making it a successful brand among other stores in the city. The brand new store K.K. Infotech will be directed by Udbhav Kalra. Mr Udbhav Kalra is well-experienced in the electronics world. who will assist the K.K. Infotech to the next level.

K.K. Infotech will focus on providing superior services to the consumers. Those who are looking for all types of electronic equipment will be available. K.K. Infotech will be providing superior electronic products such as laptops, printers, and peripheral accessories and all electronic accessories will be available in the latest models.  

However, a number of well-known personalities in Jaipur joined the grand opening of the showroom K.K. Infotech. It was joined by Dr L.C.  Bharti, the founder of the Akashdeep Group of Schools and colleges. Further offering a bouquet by Dr L.C. he admires the success of K.K. Infotech. 

On the occasion of K.K. Infotech Prof. Mohan Lal and other all the personalities in Jaipur were present there. The opening of K.K. Infotech was reverberating enough as the showroom for all electronic accessories K.K. Infotech is said to deliver great quality services. The movement became memorable for all the people available there.

There is no doubt that Mr Udbhav Kalra and his team will be working hard to provide superior quality services to the targeted audience of them in the city of Jaipur. And other places as well if required. Different enterprises in Jaipur need all such superior quality services of electronic accessories. Which has become a peculiar need for them to be available.

So, seeing all this and providing superior electronic accessories. K.K. Infotech will help enterprises or different companies to have the services in Jaipur. 

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