juniperJuniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR), the industry leader in network innovation, announced enhancements to the SDN-ready Juniper Networks® MX Series 3D Universal Edge Router portfolio that significantly expands system capacity, subscriber bandwidth and service performance for the world’s broadest family of edge routers. Service providers and cable operators are under pressure to increase profitability amid rising network costs. Juniper’s line-card enhancements to its MX Series pack more power in the same chassis, making it an ideal platform for investment-protecting scale. This is critical, given the relentless pace of subscriber and traffic growth.

To put its tremendous throughput in perspective, the MX2020, Juniper’s highest capacity MX router, can simultaneously stream high-definition video to nearly every one of California’s 11.5 million households. Furthermore, it can move the equivalent of 187 times the total number of daily Vine video uploads almost instantaneously. Powered by the Junos® operating system and the programmable Junos Trio chipset, the MX Series 3D routers deliver unprecedented performance and service scale that enables the cost effective consolidation of business and residential services. Additionally, Juniper’s programmable chipset ensures long-term hardware investment protection in even the fastest-growing markets while enabling virtualized application support through Juniper’s SDN strategy.

News Highlights:

  • Greater Bandwidth and Subscriber Scale: With the increased penetration of HD video, fiber access, 4G mobile networks and cloud computing, network operators must accommodate higher traffic volumes in the edge network. Juniper Networks’ new line cards increase per-slot bandwidth up to 520 Gbps and offer hardware support for as many as 128,000 subscribers. This enables cost-effective subscriber concentration that accommodates growth while ensuring multi-play service quality.
  • Increased System Capacity and Service Density: Juniper also introduced today a new switch fabric module that more than doubles the capacity of several key MX 3D platforms, including the widely deployed MX960 and enhanced service cards for the entire MX Series portfolio. These new service cards enable up to three times the per-slot capacity and up to four times the service density of similar modules offered by other vendors. The MX Series allows service providers and cable operators to further improve operational efficiently by consolidating appliances and applications directly on the router. Not only is the increased performance of the MX Series 3D important for new customers, but it is also gives every existing MX customer, including those that deployed the first 480G capacity MX960 six years ago, a seamless path to upgrade.
  • Operational Benefits and Investment Protection: From the smallest form factors to the highest-capacity platforms, every Juniper Networks MX 3D platform supports the same Junos OS and high-performance Junos Trio programmable chipset. This allows network operators to achieve service consistency and operational excellence across the network. Importantly, enhancements announced today are compatible with tens of thousands of MX Series 3D Universal Edge platforms deployed across demanding service provider, cable and enterprise networks globally. Existing customers have a seamless upgrade path to increased bandwidth, service scale and performance. Combining these strengths with the industry’s most innovative SDN capabilities, as evidenced by Juniper’s Contrail SDN controller, we’re delivering the industry’s most fluid and agile service platform to date.

Supporting Quotes:

“Juniper Networks MX Series 3D continues to evolve to meet emerging business and technical requirements from the service provider edge and aggregation network to the data-center and cloud. The ability to add system capacity, subscriber density and virtualized network services to new and installed MX Series routers extends the value of the platform and enables providers to fully monetize their networks with innovative services.”
– Nav Chander, Research Manager, IDC

“Juniper’s new MPC5e line card dramatically improves subscriber and bandwidth scale and provides us with a non-disruptive, business driven evolution to address the exponential traffic and subscriber growth we are experiencing across all market segments.”
– Sam Brock-Smith, CTO, Snap

“Over the years, we have deployed MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers to meet the demand of our ever-growing customer base, and we are pleased to see Juniper offer such significant capacity and performance upgrades that will provide us with long-term investment protection and service agility to flexibly address our evolving markets”
– Artur Binczewski, Head of Network Department, PSNC

“Juniper continuously invests in their flagship MX Series. The latest enhancements significantly increase bandwidth, subscriber and service capacity as well as performance, thus enabling us to bring future-proof solutions to market and revisit current MX 3D customers with an investment protecting upgrade path.”
– Ellen Winter, head of marketing communications, NK Networks and Services GmbH

“When we selected the MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers for our network, we expected the platform to evolve with our business and technical requirements. We are pleased that Juniper is offering such significant capacity and performance upgrades that will provide us with long-term investment protection and service agility to flexibly address our evolving markets.”
– Hu Guoqiang, CTO, Chengdu Dr. Peng Telecom & Media Group Co. Ltd

“Leveraging the common, feature-rich Junos operating system and the powerful Trio chipset, the MX portfolio offers customers the ability to create revenue-generating services with complete operational consistency. The MX 3D family serves the entire spectrum of needs from the smallest access aggregation needs with the MX104, up through the very high-end aggregation and core applications with the MX2020, which is the highest capacity single chassis router in the industry at 10.4Tbps. This gives network operators a single family of best-in-class products that can be leveraged in mobile and fixed businesses, and for residential and business applications.”
– Paul Obsitnik, vice president, product marketing, Platform Systems Division, Juniper Networks

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