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Jumia Partners with the Ivorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

A common desire to represent and promote Ivorian suppliers

In order to inaugurate their partnership, Jumia (https://www.jumia.ci) and the Ivorian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (http://www.cci.ci)  are organizing a symbolic ceremony at the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Côte d’Ivoire on Thursday 30th October. Amongst the guest speakers: Fatoumata Ba, Managing Director of Jumia Côte d’Ivoire, and Lucas Dossetto, Head of Marketplace, who spoke about e-commerce and the benefits of the “marketplace” (https://www.jumia.ci/marketplace).

Having already won the trust of prominent international brands and unnamedacquired several big-name investors, Jumia, Ivory Coast’s number one online shopping destination, has transformed the Ivorian economy, bringing a new dimension to business: the marketplace.

Thanks to its marketplace, Jumia has given Ivorian brands, distributors and craftsmen the necessary means to develop and extend their selling network. All they need to do is to open an online shop on Jumia—the so-called “shop-in-shop”—and Jumia takes care of everything! From the order to shipping to customer aftercare, JUMIA brings Ivorian entrepreneurs the marketing and logistics expertise they need to conquer new markets

The marketplace also allows sellers to benefit from exposure to hundreds of thousands of unique visitors every month, as well as a multichannel online and offline presence, in order to increase brand awareness and boost their sales. The marketplace platform is simple and easy to use, offering complete control and convenience for sellers: they can develop it in line with their brand strategy, define sales promotions and put forward products of their own choice. “The marketplace represents a unique opportunity and an extraordinary business accelerator, making your offer available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Ivory Coast. At Jumia, we put everything in practice to allow our marketplace partners to increase their sales day by day. In addition to our marketing and logistics expertise, our partners benefit from exposure to a great user number and an unequaled, international-standard quality of service”, stated Lucas Dossetto, Head of Marketplace.

It is with honour that Jumia associated to the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Côte d’Ivoire. This union marks a shared and strong desire to promote and accompany the suppliers operating on the Ivoirian soil. Mrs. Fatoumata Ba hopes that “this partnership will allow many people to benefit from Jumia’s services and to extend their selling networks.

E-commerce is part of the future, and we would like to give a change to Ivorian suppliers to seize this opportunity and to enter the e-commerce era from today on.”

To stay true to herself, this young and dynamic company launched its partnership with the CCI in a relaxed, lively and interactive atmosphere. Mrs. Ba and Mr. Dossetto both intervened in order to introduce two concepts central to Jumia’s activity: “e-commerce” and the “marketplace”. Then they carefully answered guests’ questions, and finally gave way to a cocktail party and a registration session for those interested in the marketplace.