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John McAfee claims he can hack into WhatsApp

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McAfee founder John McAfee is at it again. Anti-virus software pioneer John McAfee reportedly tried to convince reporters that he has hacked into WhatsApp encryption . According to a report in Gizmodo, “To do this, he attempted to send them phones with pre installed malware and then convince them he was reading their encrypted conversations.”
In April this year, WhatsApp added end-to-end encryption to all of its messages. End-to-end encryption means that only a message’s sender and recipient can read messages, stopping them from being intercepted on their journey.
McAfee tried to show that he has been able to crack the WhatsApp code due to some security flaw in Google ‘s mobile platform.
Incidentally, this is not the first time that McAfee has made such claims. In February this year, McAfee claimed that he can hack San Bernardino attacker Syed Farook’s iPhone for FBI. He later admitted that he just made the claim to garner public attention.
McAfee recently become chief executive of tiny MGT Capital Investments Inc, an investor in fantasy sports and mobile games.
MGT Capital announced that it would change its name to John McAfee Global Technologies Inc and that buy some assets of McAfee’s anti-spy software company, D-Vasive Inc.