“IVRBOX is as revolutionary as it is elegant.-Mr Lalit Upadhyay,founder of Polash Ventures.

Mr Lalit Upadhyay,founder of Polash Ventures

Nisha Harshwal:-Share details about the inception of Polash Ventures?

Mr Lalit Upadhyay:-Polash ventures were conceptualized by a talented team of professionals who had excellent prior experience promoting companies using telecommunications. These professionals started Polash Ventures so that companies and brands could better manage their customer base, better promote their brands and companies, and better handles responses from their customers- especially by using the newest technologies. Polash Ventures expects to provide turnkey digital marketing solutions to clients and to assist its clients to earn a better ROI on their marketing expenses. Polash Ventures provides Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Pay per Click services to its customers.

Nisha Harshwal:-What is your mission and vision for 2019?

Mr Lalit Upadhyay:-Today Polash Ventures is trying to attract clients from a wide range of segments so that the company can have a base of customers that spans many industries. Within India, the company is expanding across metro cities and is gaining a foothold in tier 2 cities as well. In the year ahead Polash Ventures plans to acquire 50,000 additional Enterprise/SMB clients and to continue expanding globally. We already have an office in Dubai and the UK and also have plans to grow across the Gulf region.  

Nisha Harshwal:-Can you briefly explain about your revolutionary service IVRBOX?

Mr Lalit Upadhyay:-IVRBOX is as revolutionary as it is elegant. Its Multilevel IVR feature allows companies to create sophisticated call flow configurations that optimise the needs of the company. IVRBOX also records every call after taking user consent which allows recorded calls to be used for training purposes. Companies which use IVRBOX can also manage the entire call mechanism and fine-tune their business phone system. It also has a multi-agent system that allows multiple accesses and also allows real-time analytics which means that companies can dynamically analyse call flows and gain valuable insights about important metrics. Furthermore, IVRBOX can be seamlessly integrated into an existing CRM system and also comes with an inbuilt CRM system as well. The web console on the IVRBOX allows users to have quick uninterrupted conversations with prospects. Finally, Polash Ventures IVRBOX allows users to create virtual numbers so companies using IVRBOX can add multiple phone numbers and extensions and receive calls from anywhere at any time.   

These features make IVRBOX an industry leader.

Nisha Harshwal:-What is your strategy behind providing solutions for Marketing, Promotion and Supports to the industry players for the growth of their businesses?

Mr Lalit Upadhyay:-Today many small businesses are unable to successfully handle all inbound calls and queries. This means that such businesses lose up to 40% of their potential customers. We expect to greatly reduce the loss of such a large percentage of customers among our clients. As a matter of fact, we ensure that our clients are able to speak with all the customers who reach out to them.

We also ensure that our clients provide the best service possible to their clients. We do this by allowing our clients to monitor calls so that they can judge the quality of their agents and when needed promote or remove an agent. Today many companies do not know how to monitor the quality of their support team; our solutions allow companies to do so easily.

In short, we improve the clients ROI made by our clients on sales and customer support.

Nisha Harshwal:-Whom do you consider as most highly rated competitor and why? 

Mr Lalit Upadhyay:-Polash Ventures is helping many brands achieve their goal in marketing their products through targeted SMS and also solving the huge number of incoming calls by directing it to right department and managing term in modern ways. In such a diverse space the service quality becomes very important to lead the market. The organisation with a consistent service quality so it’s more of a healthy competition.

Nisha Harshwal:-What challenges you faced being an Entrepreneur?

Mr Lalit Upadhyay:-It’s more of a lifestyle. No monthly paychecks to pay your bills and withstand back to back failure. Personal life: In the entrepreneurial journey i missed out with friends and families. Personal life and relations spoils sometime. Maintaining work-peroenql life balance becomes tough.

Nisha Harshwal:-What is the success mantra of Polash Ventures?

Mr Lalit Upadhyay:-Polash Ventures provides customized cloud telephony services to enterprise and SMB clients with 99.9% uptime using its IVRBOX platform  also it provides the SMS gateway to the enterprises for their promotional activities and transactional activities. Polash Ventures is leading company in lead generation domain where we generate leads through SMS and Voice for Real Estate, Travel, Insurance, pharm and many more.

Nisha Harshwal:-Can you give a brief about your expansion plans?

Mr Lalit Upadhyay:-Polash Ventures is expanding to metro cities across India and to tier 2 cities as well. The company expects to acquire 500 new clients every month and has an international presence with offices in Dubai and the UK.

Nisha Harshwal:-What were the key achievements of Polash Ventures in Year 2017-18?

Mr Lalit Upadhyay:-In 2017-18 we established our self well in domain with the vision of making the organisation well equipped with the technology and infrastructure. Also we positioned our self globally with two international offices and exposure to the international market.

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