iValue Join hands with Reverie to Promote Multilingual Applications Across IT Industry

BENGALURU, India – June 1, 2022

iValue InfoSolutions, India’s premium technology enabler today announced their partnership with Reverie Language Technologies. Since 2009, Reverie has been championing the mission of “Language Equality on the Internet.” Integrating voice, video and text, they are driving languages led digital customer experience for BFSI, e-commerce, education, entertainment, automobile and the government to citizen touchpoints.

“The contact between humans and digital devices is growing as the adoption of digital transformation reaches an all-time high. In a multilingual country like India, language has always been a point of contention in communication. Reverie’s multilingual Chatbots provide a holistic language engagement experience for users throughout their digital journey, making internet adoption easier and faster for millions of Indians.” said Subodh Anchan, VP – Vendor Alliance at iValue InfoSolutions.

As a leading enabler, iValue has succeeded in forging strategic partnerships with the judicious mix of conventional and niche technology vendors to assist customers on their transformational journeys. With 6,000+ customers across verticals and 800+ global, national, regional, and local system integrators in 15+ locations across various continents, iValue has now become the fastest growing technology enabler. This resulted in iValue becoming the greatest option for businesses looking to sell their products and services.

Having worked with 140 logos, across 10+ verticals, Reverie is on a mission to be the platform of choice for both voice and text-based multilingual support, and to act as a catalyst to democratise digital businesses. Reverie’s language localization is contextual and domain specific.

“To serve Bharat in their preferred language it is mandatory that we build our apps and digital platforms which are Indian languages first. The language technologies should be deployed at an infrastructure level and not as an after-thought. I am excited with the strategic partnership between Reverie and iValue, this shall help us serve our partners and customers and promote development of inclusive multilingual applications,” said Braj Bhushan, Head Partner & Alliances, Reverie Language Technologies.

About iValue InfoSolutions

All of the statistics about our magnitude, diversity, and years of experience, as impressive as they are, bear little resemblance to the ultimate measure of iValue: the differentiating impact we bring on to our fraternity. Here at iValue, we’re constantly reinventing how we work and how we approach market constraints so that we can keep delivering meaningful, sustainable, and long-term results for our clients and communities.

We strive to be the best at everything we do, from assisting customers in realizing their goals to making a positive impact on society with numerous CSR drives apart from maximizing the performance of our employees. This inspires us to come together to make an impact that matters in the world.

A market leader in smart, cutting-edge technology solutions who assists businesses in managing, optimizing, and protecting their digital assets. iValue stimulates creativity as a leading Technology Enabler by providing comprehensive services that support Data, Network, and Application (DNA) management for businesses. Our “Go to Market” consists of niche, compelling, and complementary offerings that assist businesses of all sizes and verticals with their optimization and transformation efforts by leveraging the Customer Life Cycle and Product Life Cycle Adoption framework.

iValue is proud to have served for over 6000+ customers across industry verticals through 900+ Partners & direct alliances with 65+ “Best of Breed” Technology OEMs. iValue has a direct presence across 18+ locations covering South-East Asia & Africa continents with Consulting; Solutioning; Vertical & Horizontal focused teams, addressing Technology enablement, Pre-sales, Sales & Post-sales needs of Customer for Private, Public and Hybrid cloud needs. iValue ASEAN operates with HQ in Singapore, with local entities in Cambodia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka apart from Nairobi (Kenya) office for Africa foray. We continue to grow at 4+ times market growth rates, at 50%+ CAGR for the last 13+ years.

For more information, visit iValue and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter

About Reverie

Reverie Language Technologies is a mission-first company, striving to drive “Language Equality on the Internet.”

They empower businesses and governments through their proprietary language technologies for text, voice, and video across the entire gamut of a digital customer’s journey.

These include machine translation, speech-to-text, and text-to-speech conversions, search and discovery, Indic fonts, etc. Our technologies and solutions power digital assets like websites, applications (mobile/web), chatbots, IVRs, and more.

Their confidence exudes from over a decade of experience in advanced language localization technology and translation services. Delivering cutting-edge solutions to both government and enterprises with a dedicated team of highly experienced professionals focusing on delivering language equality on the internet.

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