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Developing Excellent Focus – How to Overcome Our Fear

“Focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear.” Anthony Robbins
It seems to me that right now people are consumed with FEAR. It’s everywhere we go. People are afraid of the economy, afraid for their jobs, business, afraid for our country – FEAR seems to be the language of the day. Yet when we let fear in we push out peace, creativity and JOY! Fear will rob us of productivity, opportunity and relationship. Fear makes our world small and blinds us to solutions.
There has never been a better time to get out of our own way and get rid of FEAR. It is possible. We can choose to FOCUS on where we want to go instead of where we may go. Often fear is tied up in letting our minds consider all the negative outcomes that could happen. The key word is could – most of the time our fears never materialize. But when we focus on what could happen we get off course. We can choose to make a commitment to change our focus. To focus on where we want to go, where we are inspired to go.
Some ways I feel we can overcome our fears could be:
>Taking a small risk everyday. By practicing taking risks we learn that they are not so scary and that our fears usually never materialize.
>Change our language. Instead of saying, “I am afraid I may lose my job or business.” Try saying, “I will focus on being the best in my field and even if I lose my job or business, I will find a place to apply my skills.” All language can be turned into something that focuses us towards our future and our dreams.
>Read something inspiring ever day. Biographies, success stories or other inspirational material can help us keep on track.
>Limit our “whine sessions” to 10 to 15 minutes. We all need to vent or take a few moments to “whine” but we need to limit this. Give ourselves permission but then move on – whining will do us no good in the long run 🙂
>Make a list of the worst possible outcomes around the things we fear. For example, if we lose our job or business, one of the worst possible thing would be that we would end up losing our home. When we look at the worst thing that could happen, we then decide that we won’t die if it happens and that more than likely it will not get to that. By accepting the worst and reassuring ourselves we will be okay – we do not need to fear.
>Focus on our priorities. Our family is the MOST important thing in our life. We could lose our home, our job or business or our money but at the end of the day what matters most is the people we love. Focusing on our priorities helps us to put things into perspective.
Focus on where we want to go – let go of our fears and live our life to the fullest today!
Have a great day !
Tarun Taunk
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