It was our long-term plan that ESY must grow from consumable brand to a master products brand – Mr. Sajeevan VP

In an exclusive interview with ITVoice, Mr. Sajeevan VP, CEO at ESY Tech Resources India Pvt Ltd, reveals his strategies for business in India..

Sajeevan VP CEO at ESY Tech Resources India Pvt Ltd

Sajeevan VP
CEO at ESY Tech Resources India Pvt Ltd

ITVoice:- Tell us more about ESY?

Mr. Sajeevan VP:- ESY India was launched as 100% subsidiary of ESY Group Malaysia in the year 2012. Though ESY group have many products and services the Indian arm had chosen ESYINK as the driving product in India. This was done after a thorough study of the prevailing market condition particularly the colour printing at homes and offices. Most of the consumers were reluctant to opt for printing due the high cost of printing. Colour printing was a dream since it was very expensive. ESY India launched ESYINK in India in the last quarter of 2012 to address the affordability factor of home and office printing. ESYINK CISS (Continuous Ink Supply Systems) could bring down the cost of printing by 90% and made colour printing very much affordable. Amazing Prints at Affordable cost is the driving slogan for ESY and customers who are using the same are vouching the slogan. Since ESY could offer high quality ink that matches the OEM standards and support network across the country could get amazing acceptance from Indian consumers. Now more than 8 lakhs customers in India are enjoying the power of low cost printing. ESYINK could set the trend for low cost printing in the country and also became the number one branded CISS in the country within a span of 2 years.easy

After establishing ESYINK we had decided to expand our product range. We could launch ESYCAST Wifi HDMI Streaming Device, an innovative product in Indian market. ESYCAST was a  wow device for consumers where in they can stream photos, videos, and games from mobile phones to their HD Televisions. We drove marketing programs to get connected with tech savvy consumers. We also launches ESYCAST Pro with larger area coverage so that that can be connected to a Projector and all types images can be streamed from PC and Mobile phones wirelessly. ESYCAST could convert a normal projector to a Multi OS Wifi projector that too at an affordable price. This was very well accepted and appreciated by the display market. Many education institutions and corporates had opted for ESYCAST.

It was our long-term plan that ESY must grow from consumable brand to a master products brand. We could collaborate with Pinnacle Corpn, Taiwan; the world’s leading manufacturers for POS Printers and computing devices. Last year we could launch 6 models of ESYAclas POS printers. By then time ESY India was established as reliable brand in Indian Digital Market and we could leverage it for launching POS Printers. Today full range ESYPOS products like Receipt Printers, Wi-Fi Printers, 1D & 2D Barcode Scanners, Wireless Barcode Scanners, Cash Registers, Cash Drawers etc. ESY could offer complete solutions for the retail eco systems. Today we posses a robust service network across the country. ESYPOS was rated as the Best POS Printers by DT brand Award 2016.ESY could also win the prestigious ELCINA-EFY Excellence award 2016.

ESY India has offices in Gurgaon, Chennai, Delhi and Cochin. We will open our Mumbai and Bangalore offices soon. Today we have over one million customers in India.

ITVoice:- What are the marketing strategies of the channel?

Mr. Sajeevan VP:- We treat the Dealers as our Partners and we follow the power 3 T’s. Trust, Transparency and Tolerance. We work for long term relationship where in we ensure optimum profitability for the channel partners. We consistently put our efforts in developing the Channel partner and their staff so tat they can sell the right products to the their customers. Frequent training programs are conducted for channel partners to upkeep the product USP’s and selling formula. We believe in regular engagement with our channel partners that can enhance the relationship levels and same can be leveraged mutually. We go by our channel strategy called ESY PERAL ( ESY Partner Engagement And Relationship Leverage) where in ESY and the last mile Partners who are in touch with our consumers are consistently connected and engaged.

ITVoice:- What are the distribution strategies of ESY?

Mr. Sajeevan VP:- To make the price competitive for the  end-user and maintain healthy margins for the Channel Partners ESY had de-layered the distribution network and made it as just 2 Layer system that is ESY to City Distributor  and down to  Resellers. This de-layering has helped ESY to maintain the strong relationship with both Layers and ensured the Market Operating Price is not disturbed by anyone. As far as the primary partner s concerned we followed One Territory One Partner System so that Distributor can be the single contact point for the Resellers for any support and they are empowered to take right actions.

ITVoice:- What are the other segments in which company wants to grow?

Mr. Sajeevan VP:- We have created three product divisions such as INK, POS and Wireless .All three are headed by competent people. All three divisions acts as independent business units. Though all these products are part of Digital Imaging industry we opted for entirely different channels to reach the market. ESYINK and ESYPOS are the driving product groups.

POS market is in the growing path with 25% CAGR.GST will bring high spurt is POS product sales in India.2017-18 will witness huge growth if GST is launched in this financial year.

ITVoice:- What is the major competition of the channel?

Mr. Sajeevan VP:- We consider competition as our guiding factor. If a channel partner shifts loyalty from one brand to another simply means that he is not happy with the brand.  It can be the profitability, poor support system or unreliable quality etc. We take care to address all the above concerns and ensure the Partner enjoys the relationship with ESY.

ITVoice:- What makes you different from others in industry?

Mr. Sajeevan VP:- We always see things from the customers point of view whether it is partners or end users. We design products, process and programs based on these.



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